Friday, 4 November 2016

George McDonald: Ottawa CEF Beechwood Burial

Private George McDonald, Service No:1042244, died on 4 November 1916 and is buried in Sec. 29. Lot 6. Grave 35 of Beechwood Cemetery. The CWGC records him as the son of Mrs. Katherine McDonald, of 2, Quinn St., Ayr, Scotland.

His Ontario death certificate records the cause of death as a street railway accident. Details are in a Perth Courier,  the 10 November edition.

Pte. George McDonald of the 240th Renfrew battalion whose home is in Brockville, was struck by an electric car on the Ottawa side of the Chaudiere bridge at Ottawa Friday night and terribly injured his left leg below the knee being almost completely severed.  A doctor was quickly secured who rendered first aid and then had the injured man taken to the Rideau Street Hospital. According to persons who were passing near the scene of the accident the soldier appeared suddenly in front of a Chaudiere car which was running at a pretty fast pace and just about to leave the street to go on the bridge.  There was absolutely no escape for the man although the motorman did his utmost to bring the car to a stop.  The soldier was struck heavily and thrown under the wheels which passed over his left leg below the limb.  Passengers in the car said they felt a very noticeable jolt and then the car came to a halt.  On running back the driver found the man lying on the track with his leg mangled.  He had not lost consciousness.  At 4:45 a.m. Saturday Pte. McDonald died the limb having been amputated and loss of blood and shock causing his demise.
There is no attestation paper online.

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