Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Ancestry Discount

I few days ago I received notice that Ancestry was available to me at 50% off for either the Canada only or World Deluxe subscriptions. Quite a bargain, except I'm already subscribed and it was for new or lapsed subscribers. On phoning Ancestry I was told the offer was not transferable - it was to those who received the offer by email.

So, if you want to have a chance of received such an offer sign-up to Ancestry without subscribing. They may get around to sending you a discount invitation.

While writing this I checked out ancestry.ca with my browser in incognito mode and found an offer of a Canada Discovery Membership for an initial annual payment of $59.88 plus applicable tax. That's 50% off. You can subscribe online or phone 1-800-958-9073. It's valid until 8 January and for the Canada only databases. It's not for the World Deluxe, but maybe if you ask nicely!

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Barbara said...

I called Ancestry recently to renew my subscription and asked for 50% off, as I knew someone who received that rate, and got it. I advised another Canadian on a Facebook Group to call and they, too, got 50% off. I think I've received some kind of discount every time I've called. The moral of the story: ALWAYS call Ancestry to renew your subscription - unless you like paying full price! It also doesn't hurt to be renewing around the holiday period as they usually have sales on then.