Monday, 16 January 2017

Ottawa Historical Association January Meeting

You are invited to Library and Archives Canada (395 Wellington)
on Tuesday 17 January at 7 PM for:

“A Shiny New Penny: An Historical Overview of the National Currency
Collection and the Bank of Canada Museum”

Paul Berry
Chief Curator
National Currency Collection
Bank of Canada Museum

In 2013, the Currency Museum of the Bank of Canada was officially
renamed the Bank of Canada Museum.  Work immediately began at
designing a new facility, not just to showcase the National Currency
Collection and tell the story of money in Canada but one that welcomes
visitors to experience Canada’s central bank and learn how individuals
influence the Canadian economy. This Summer 2017, the drawing board
becomes reality and the new Bank of Canada Museum will open its doors
to 10,000 square feet of interactives, exhibits and fun. This talk
will delve into the National Currency Collection, illustrate some of
its holdings, explain developments leading to the museum of today and
tease the audience with a few visuals of what to expect at Ottawa’s
newest cultural venue.

Paul Berry manages the Collection Services Unit of the Museum which is
responsible for the research, development and maintenance of the
National Currency Collection. An avid numismatist since age six, Paul
is past president of the Canadian Paper Money Society and the Canadian
Numismatic Research Society. His personal fields of interest include
the money of colonial era Canada, Edo period Japan and early 20th
century American sculpture. Paul holds a Combined Honours BA (1980) in
History and Art History from the University of Western Ontario.

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