Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Follow my #OGSConf2017 Tweets

Expect a lot of social media activity from a team chosen by OGS for Conference 2017. They are Ruth Blair, Elise Craighen, Lisa-Dawn Crawley, Gail Dever, Mags Gaulden, Kirsty Gray, Patricia Greber, Andrea Harding, Kale Hobbes, Christine Landry Matamoros, and your's truly.
The hashtag for the conference is #OGSConf2017. Use it to follow what's going down. Use it yourself in posting about the conference. You don't have to be an official team member.
Need reminders when events are about to start and about other conference information? I've scheduled a series of tweets that will act as reminders about the program. Check the hashtag #OGSConf2017 or, even better follow me on Twitter @JohnDReid.

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