Wednesday, 24 May 2006

Lt Col John By RN

While in England I found time to stop at the churchyard in Frant to see the grave of Lt Col John By, RN, who was responsible for the building of the Rideau Canal. Ottawa was previously named Bytown in his honour.

The church at Frant is well situated away from the fumes and noise of the main road, a few minutes south of Tunbridge Wells. A lady doing maintence on the churchyard directed me to By's grave, and told me she had visited Ottawa some years ago. I was surprised that By takes second place on the stone on the plot, in the centre of the picture. You can see the plaque placed by the Ottawa Historical Society, now a little the worse for wear but still servicable, beneath his memorial inscription. I was told they believe By is buried in front of the monument -- the centre bump that shows as the mower shaved the grass more there. There is also a plaque to By in the church.

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