31 July 2016

99th anniversary: Passchendaele

Today I shall be remembering Edward Cohen, my great-uncle, who died on this date serving with the 12th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers in the Battle of Pilckem Ridge, the opening attack of the Third Battle of Ypres (Passchendaele).
He was one of 6,525 who died on that day, including 91 from his battalion according to www.cwgc.org. Like 70 others of his battalion his body was not recovered and his name is on the Menin Gate.
He was awarded a posthumous Military Cross which was donated to Queen's College, Cambridge, where he had been a student.
The Third Battle of Ypres eventually cost a quarter of a million British Empire lives.
Read more about Edward Cohen at http://theyserved.wikia.com/wiki/Edward_Cohen

British Newspaper Archives additions for July

The British Newspaper Archive now has 14,971,203 pages (14,605,439 last month) from 660 (654) titles online. The full list of additions this month, none from Norfolk, is:

Cultures of the Ottawa Valley

Learn how the patchwork of Ottawa Valley settlers from 1820 evolved over many generations to become legendary in song and story.
The Algonquin College Pembroke Campus is offering Cultures of the Ottawa Valley, a six class course given by Terry Currie, a former history teacher at Almonte District High School, starting 11 October.
Find out more at  http://xweb.algonquincollege.com/pembroke/.

I found out about this course as I've agreed to give a one-off talk, Family Secrets Revealed by DNA at the Pembroke Campus on the evening of 4 October. No doubt I'll find another opportunity or two to mention it again.

30 July 2016

Non-OPR Scottish records via Ancestry

The following three index databases are now on Ancestry. As part of the WebSearch program, they are open to all.

Web: Scotland, Non-OPR Births and Baptisms Index, 1666 -1874, 7,325 records
Web: Scotland, Non-OPR Banns and Marriages Index, 1656 - 187,  2,985 records
Web: Scotland, Non-OPR Deaths and Burials Index, 1673-1855, 2,584 records

These are indexes from Kirk Session material of the Church of Scotland, other Presbyterian churches, and also the registers of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). They are taken from Maxwell Ancestry's Scottish Indexes site at www.scottishindexes.co.uk/ where you will find a variety of other Scottish record sets on a free to search, pay to view a full transcript basis.

New CWGC gravemarker at Beechwood Cemetery

A remote corner of Beechwood Cemetery, Section A, is the location of a new Commonwealth War Graves Commission gravestone.

More than a century after his death John Kenneth McLean has his name on the stone alongside that of his friend John Royston who died in the same swimming accident in the Ottawa River. I'd previously written an update on the situation here.

It appears the stone was installed without ceremony there being no close living relative. Here is a summary of the information I found while attempting to locate relatives.

John Kenneth McLean (JKM) with a birth registered in the March quarter of 1897 in Islington, 1b 197, is the only person with that name with a birth registration in all of England and Wales from the start of civil registration in 1837. The other information available correlates with him being the right person.

He appears to be the same person as JKM in the 1901 census in Islington with mother Alice E McLean, a widow age 33. Her daughter Constance B McLean, age 3, is also in the house and like JKM her birthplace is Holloway, London. The newspaper report of John's death mentions he had a living sister.

If that is the right entry then JKM's parents are likely John William McLean and Alice Ellen Raymond, married in the March quarter of 1896 in  Islington (1b 396), There is a birth registration for a Constance Beatrice McLean in Islington registered in the March quarter of 1898 (1b 232).

There is a death registration for a John William McLean, age 27, in Hackney in the March quarter of 1900.

There is a marriage entry for Alice E McLean in the September quarter of 1901 (1b 704) to either Albert Henry Rietiker or William Swain.

Alice Ellen Rietiker was buried on 14 January 1904 in Islington cemetery.

JKM and sister should be in the 1911 census in England; I've not found them nor any subsequent record of the sister.

There is an immigration record for John McLean, age 16, clerk, leaving Liverpool on 6 June 1913. for Quebec on the Virginian and a corresponding record on arrival.

Ancestry has a First World War report on enlistment for Albert Rietiker dated 26 August 1915 showing he had a deceased wife Alice Ellen McLean and daughter Alice Myrtle Rietiker born 23 Dec 1903 who would be a half sister to JKM. Her birth is registered as Alice Myrtle Rietiker in the March quarter of 1904 in Islington (1b 191). She is in the 1911 census with her father, a widower, and his two unmarried sisters.

There is an entry for John William McLean in the BIFHSGO home child death database referencing Report - Dr. Barnardo's Home - 1920, Annual Report. Barnardo Old Boys who died during WW1. Canadian Contingent.

Albert Henry Rietiker was buried on 28 July 1921 at Islington Cemetery.

Alice Myrtle Rietiker is in a 1930 electoral register for Islington at 206 Fairbridge Road together with Mary Jane Rietiker (one of her aunts).

There is no marriage for anyone named John K McLean in England until 1947 in Leeds, which would be late, and there are a couple of more likely John K McLean births that would be a better fit for that marriage.

Alice Myrtle Rietiker was not found in the 1939 National Registration or in a marriage after 1930.

29 July 2016

Findmypast gets further into crime

A list of the 22 TNA record series included in Findmypast's England & Wales, Crime, Prisons & Punishment, 1770-1935 risks provoking that eye-glazing look. Most are from the HO (Home Office). This update adds 2,518,039 records for a total 5,514,003.

The largest collection is Home Office: criminal registers, England and Wales (Series HO 27) with 1,320,938 records. Next is Home Office: convict hulks, convict prisons and criminal lunatic asylums, quarterly returns of prisoners (Series HO 8) - 1,284,781 records

Expect to find records that duplicate the same information. I found what appeared to be much the same information in records from PCOM2 and HO140 for a relative convicted of selling fake Beecham pills. One gave the additional information he was convicted in Clerkenwell, the other he was incarcerated in Wandsworth.

Admiralty: registers of convicts in prison hulks (Series ADM 6) -17,644 records
Central Criminal Court: after-trial calendars of prisoners (Series CRIM 9) - 152,226 records
Home Office: convicts, miscellanea (Series HO 7) - 1,425 records
Home Office: convict hulks, convict prisons and criminal lunatic asylums, quarterly returns of prisoners (Series HO 8) - 1,284,781 records
Home Office: correspondence and warrants (Series HO 13) - 272,948 records
Home Office: criminal petitions, part 1 (Series HO 17) - 16,558 records
Home Office: criminal petitions, part 2 (Series HO 18) - 19,638 records
Home Office: register of criminal petitions (Series HO 19) - 77,041 records
Home Office: registers of Prisoners from National Prisons lodged in County Prisons 1847-1866 (Series HO 23) - 13,665 records
Home Office: prison registers and statistical returns 1838-1875 (Series HO 24) - 85,982 records
Home Office: criminal registers, Middlesex (Series HO 26) - 141,654 records
Home Office: criminal registers, England and Wales (Series HO 27) - 1,320,938 records
Home Office: judges’ reports on criminals 1784-1830 (Series HO 47) - 7,673 records
Home Office: Newgate Prison calendar 1782-1853 (Series HO 77) - 339,387 records
Home Office: miscellaneous criminal books 1798-1831 (Series HO 130) - 888 records
Home Office: calendar of prisoners (Series HO 140) - 637,410 records
Home Office and Prison Commission: prison records (Series PCOM 2) - 814,942 records
Home Office and Prison Commission: male licences 1853-1887 (Series PCOM 3) - 38,272 records
Home Office and Prison Commission: female licences (Series PCOM 4) - 3,963 records
Home Office: old captions and transfer papers (Series PCOM 5) - 3,665 records
Metropolitan Police: criminal record office, habitual criminals' registers and miscellaneous papers (Series MEPO 6) - 151,333 records
Treasury: departmental accounts, convict hulks (Series T 38) - 158,251 records

Genetics and behaviour

Thomas A. Edison is quoted

"Success is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration."
If inspiration equates to being smart then Edison finds support from a study by Robert Plomin, professor of behavioural genetics at King’s College London.
Genetic data from 20,000 DNA variants across several genes collectively account for 10% of the differences in children’s educational achievement age 16. At the most extreme ends of this genetic variation is an entire exam grade difference—from A to B grade for those with the highest polygenic score, to B to C grade for those with the lowest.
Read about this study and others on genetics and behaviour in a blog post from Quartz.

28 July 2016

AncestryDNA looks at admixture in the UK

The Daily Mail covers a study on the AncestryDNA database.

Patients admitted to Camberwell House Asylum in London, 1847-1853

The Wellcome Library has digitized volumes relating to various UK psychiatric institutions. The material dates from the 18th to the 20th centuries and includes: patient records such as registers and case notes, photographs, administrative documents, hospital staff data, artwork and publications produced by patients and staff.
There is material for: Ticehurst House Hospital East Sussex), The Retreat (York), Gartnavel Royal Hospital (Glasgow),St Luke's Hospital (London), Priory Hospital (Roehampton, London), Manor House Asylum (Chiswick,London), Holloway Sanatorium (Surrey), Camberwell House Asylum (London), Crichton Royal Hospital (Dumfries). There are also papers related to individual physicians and organizations.
For the Camberwell House Asylum there are three volumes with hand-written patient records. For volume 2 and volume 3, from March 1847 to June 1853, I found a index. The list below consolidates the patient indexes for those two volumes in alphabetical order of surname. If you find one of the 933 names of interest go to the appropriate volume, then it's a matter of zeroing in on the page.

Abbott, AnnVol 3, MS.6221p.951
Adams, HarrietVol 2, MS,6220p.534
Adams, JohnVol 2, MS,6222p.768
Adams, JohnVol 2, MS,6223p.889B
Adams, ThomasVol 2, MS,6221p.590
Alexander, JacobVol 3, MS.6222p.978
Allen, AmeliaVol 3, MS.6223p.1325
Alvery, MarthaVol 3, MS.6224p.1288
Andrews, EllenVol 3, MS.6225p.911
Andrews, HannahVol 3, MS.6226p.924
Annett, EdwardVol 3, MS.6227p.939
Ansell, SarahVol 2, MS,6224p.535
Aries, FrancesVol 2, MS,6225p.788
Arnold, Mary AnnVol 2, MS,6226p.610
Arnold, Mary AnnVol 3, MS.6228p.1001
Arslett, SusanVol 3, MS.6229p.1127
Ashton, NancyVol 3, MS.6230p.936
Aslett, JaneVol 3, MS.6231p.1222
Aspland, RobertVol 3, MS.6232p.1116
Atkins, AnnVol 3, MS.6233p.894
Auger, JosephVol 2, MS,6227p.701
Austin, EdwardVol 3, MS.6234p.1305
Austin, EdwardVol 3, MS.6235p.1318
Ayling, AnthonyVol 3, MS.6236p.1235
Ayling, AnthonyVol 3, MS.6237p.1322
Bacon, SarahVol 3, MS.6238p.907
Baggs, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6228p.821
Baghott, Ann SnellVol 2, MS,6229p.472
Baghott, Ann SnellVol 2, MS,6230p.889G
Baghott, Ann SnellVol 2, MS,6231p.889L
Bain, ThomasVol 3, MS.6239p.1160
Baker, AnnVol 2, MS,6232p.831
Baldock, MaryVol 2, MS,6233p.696
Ballard, Isac FowlerVol 2, MS,6234p.719
Bargent, ElizaVol 3, MS.6240p.1338
Barker, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6235p.833
Barlow, SarahVol 3, MS.6241p.1172
Barnard, HannahVol 3, MS.6242p.981
Barnes, MaryVol 3, MS.6243p.965
Barnett, BarneyVol 3, MS.6244p.1065
Barney, AnnVol 2, MS,6236p.721
Barrett, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6245p.948
Barrett, GeorgeVol 3, MS.6246p.954
Barry, ElizaVol 3, MS.6247p.1014
Bater, AnnVol 2, MS,6237p.586
Bates, HannahVol 3, MS.6248p.1162
Bax, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6238p.477
Baxter, HenryVol 3, MS.6249p.920
Baxter, MaryVol 3, MS.6251p.1232
Baxter, William JohnVol 2, MS,6239p.734
Baxter, William JohnVol 3, MS.6250p.1184
Beale, ThomasVol 3, MS.6252p.1027
Bear, CharlesVol 3, MS.6253p.1266
Beckett, Jessie AgnesVol 3, MS.6254p.1210
Beckford, ThomasVol 2, MS,6240p.475
Beckwith, MarthaVol 2, MS,6241p.461
Beckwith, MarthaVol 2, MS,6242p.756
Beckwith, SarahVol 3, MS.6255p.991
Beddle, Mary AnnVol 3, MS.6256p.1163
Beech, SarahVol 3, MS.6257p.1080
Belemore, Mary AnnVol 3, MS.6258p.943
Bell, Charles L.Vol 3, MS.6259p.1341
Bell, HenryVol 2, MS,6243p.784
Bellingham, AlfredVol 2, MS,6244p.636
Bennett, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6260p.1191
Bevan, StephenVol 3, MS.6261p.1249
Bewley, Mary AnneVol 3, MS.6262p.1334
Bex, JamesVol 3, MS.6263p.1131
Biden, BenjaminVol 2, MS,6245p.799
Biggs, BenjaminVol 3, MS.6264p.1175
Biggs, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6265p.1295
Bingham, MaryVol 3, MS.6266p.945
Binstead, Mary AnnVol 2, MS,6246p.638
Binstead, Mary AnnVol 2, MS,6247p.882
Bird, HarrietVol 2, MS,6249p.686
Bird, MaryVol 2, MS,6248p.444
Birt, ElizaVol 2, MS,6250p.558
Blaby, MaryVol 2, MS,6251p.836
Blake, CharlesVol 3, MS.6267p.1280
Blake, GeorgeVol 2, MS,6252p.653
Bloomfield, ThomasVol 3, MS.6268p.998
Booth, SusanVol 2, MS,6253p.853
Bouland, Caroline ElizaVol 2, MS,6254p.570
Bound, CharlotteVol 2, MS,6255p.628
Bradshaw, JamesVol 3, MS.6269p.1105
Branham, EllenVol 3, MS.6270p.1153
Branston, ElizaVol 2, MS,6256p.545
Branston, ElizaVol 2, MS,6257p.889A
Brenchley, LydiaVol 3, MS.6271p.1058
Brennan, MichaelVol 2, MS,6258p.707
Brimner, MargaretVol 3, MS.6272p.1157
Bristow, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6259p.468
Bristowe, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6273p.1213
Brockway, Mary AnnVol 2, MS,6260p.533
Bromhead, SusanVol 3, MS.6274p.1057
Bros, Charles JamesVol 2, MS,6261p.792
Brown, AnnVol 2, MS,6263p.669
Brown, FrancesVol 2, MS,6264p.732
Brown, Harriett MariaVol 3, MS.6275p.1005
Brown, SamuelVol 2, MS,6262p.453
Bryant, CharlotteVol 3, MS.6276p.1021
Bull, GeorgeVol 3, MS.6277p.1303
Bull, JamesVol 2, MS,6265p.540
Bullman, MaryVol 2, MS,6266p.644
Bunce, BetsyVol 3, MS.6278p.1110
Bundock, MaryVol 3, MS.6279p.928
Burgess, MarthaVol 2, MS,6267p.765
Burns, JohnVol 2, MS,6268p.448
Burrell, JosephVol 3, MS.6280p.1012
Bushell, FannyVol 3, MS.6282p.1204
Bushell, RichardVol 2, MS,6270p.869
Bushell, RichardVol 3, MS.6281p.1199
Bushell, ThomasVol 2, MS,6269p.607
Butler, EdwardVol 2, MS,6271p.443
Butler, ElizaVol 2, MS,6273p.704
Butler, SusannahVol 3, MS.6283p.1292
Butler, UriahVol 2, MS,6272p.593
Butler, WilliamVol 3, MS.6284p.987
Bycroft, JamesVol 3, MS.6285p.1042
Caley, PatrickVol 3, MS.6286p.1120
Calverly, ThomasVol 2, MS,6274p.486
Cameron, SusanVol 3, MS.6287p.979
Carbut, AliceVol 3, MS.6288p.1138
Carpenter, EdwardVol 2, MS,6275p.551
Carroll, EllenVol 2, MS,6276p.751
Cartwright, ThomasVol 2, MS,6277p.626
Cashmore, HenryVol 2, MS,6278p.867
Castle, WilliamVol 2, MS,6279p.829
Castle, WilliamVol 2, MS,6280p.889E
Cater, JohnVol 2, MS,6281p.711
Catt, Elizabeth SarahVol 2, MS,6282p.815
Chadwick, WilliamVol 2, MS,6283p.452
Chappel, SarahVol 2, MS,6284p.474
Charman, RichardVol 3, MS.6289p.1161
Charter, Elizabeth SophiaVol 3, MS.6290p.1250
Chermside, WilliamVol 2, MS,6285p.531
Cherrill, WilliamVol 2, MS,6286p.830
Childs, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6291p.1272
Chinnock, WilliamVol 2, MS,6287p.808
Chinnock, WilliamVol 2, MS,6288p.889I
Chipp, JacobVol 3, MS.6294p.1203
Chipp, JamesVol 3, MS.6292p.956
Chipp, JamesVol 3, MS.6293p.1103
Church, ThomasVol 2, MS,6289p.766
Clark, BenjaminVol 2, MS,6290p.793
Clarke, GeorgeVol 3, MS.6297p.1179
Clarke, JohnVol 2, MS,6291p.587
Clarke, JohnVol 3, MS.6295p.1101
Clarke, ThomasVol 2, MS,6292p.656
Clarke, Thomas ArnoldVol 3, MS.6296p.1165
Clayson, SarahVol 3, MS.6298p.1025
Clayton, JohnVol 2, MS,6293p.781
Clements, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6294p.761
Clifford, MaryVol 2, MS,6295p.753
Coates, CharlesVol 3, MS.6299p.1260
Cobb, CharlesVol 3, MS.6300p.940
Cobbald, Edward CharlesVol 3, MS.6301p.1336
Cochran, JohnVol 2, MS,6296p.691
Cohen, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6302p.919
Cole, GeorgeVol 3, MS.6303p.1219
Cole, SarahVol 2, MS,6298p.573
Cole, William CharlesVol 2, MS,6297p.478
Collins, AnnVol 3, MS.6304p.913
Colton, JamesVol 3, MS.6305p.1066
Conden, MaryVol 3, MS.6306p.1047
Connel, BridgetVol 2, MS,6299p.663
Conner, MaryVol 3, MS.6307p.1062
Connor, AnnVol 3, MS.6308p.968
Connor, ThomasVol 2, MS,6300p.750
Cook, ThomasVol 3, MS.6309p.1348
Coomber, HenriettaVol 2, MS,6301p.577
Cooper, JohnVol 3, MS.6310p.898
Cooper, MariaVol 2, MS,6302p.528
Cope, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6303p.575
Coppard, SarahVol 3, MS.6311p.1038
Corkwell, JamesVol 2, MS,6304p.455
Cottingham, HannahVol 2, MS,6305p.745
Cousland, Melinda HarrietVol 3, MS.6312p.1347
Cowan, ThomasVol 3, MS.6313p.1283
Cowdery, William HenryVol 3, MS.6314p.1090
Cowdery, William HenryVol 3, MS.6315p.1354
Coxall, JohnVol 3, MS.6316p.1308
Coxon, HenryVol 2, MS,6306p.578
Crane, SarahVol 3, MS.6317p.1333
Creed, Ann AmeliaVol 3, MS.6318p.1028
Cridland, LydiaVol 3, MS.6319p.1287
Crisp, Francis WilliamVol 2, MS,6307p.615
Croker, CharlotteVol 3, MS.6320p.915
Crosier, Joseph SamuelVol 3, MS.6321p.989
Cross, JaneVol 2, MS,6310p.560
Cross, Maria LouisaVol 3, MS.6323p.1130
Cross, ThomasVol 2, MS,6308p.889F
Cross, ThomasVol 2, MS,6309p.510
Cross, William JamesVol 3, MS.6322p.992
Crowley, MaryVol 2, MS,6311p.574
Cuddiford, MaryVol 3, MS.6324p.994
Cullinain, MargaretVol 3, MS.6325p.1340
Culverhouse, MaryVol 3, MS.6326p.1262
Cundy, BenjaminVol 3, MS.6327p.1270
Curtis, SophiaVol 3, MS.6329p.1117
Curtis, ThomasVol 3, MS.6328p.995
Dadson, JohnVol 3, MS.6330p.1264
Daley, JeremiahVol 3, MS.6331p.973
Dalmeida, JaneVol 3, MS.6332p.950
Dalmeida, JaneVol 3, MS.6333p.1316
Dalrymple, MargaretVol 2, MS,6312p.606
Dalrymple, MargaretVol 2, MS,6313p.749
Dangerfield, SarahVol 2, MS,6314p.596
Dann, JamesVol 2, MS,6315p.462
Darby, Edward RichardVol 3, MS.6334p.1195
Darnant, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6335p.1240
Darvill, ElizaVol 2, MS,6316p.584
Davidson, EllenVol 2, MS,6317p.529
Davis, GeorgeVol 3, MS.6336p.1243
Davis, GeorgeVol 3, MS.6337p.1245
Davis, WilliamVol 2, MS,6318p.703
Dawkins, WilliamVol 3, MS.6338p.923
Dawkins, WilliamVol 3, MS.6339p.1255
Dawson, JohnVol 3, MS.6340p.966
Deacon, MaryVol 3, MS.6341p.1306
Dear, EdwardVol 2, MS,6319p.501
Delacour, MaryVol 3, MS.6342p.1327
Dennison, CatherineVol 2, MS,6320p.616
Denstons, Charles HodgsonVol 3, MS.6343p.1159
Dickenson, AnnVol 3, MS.6344p.1248
Dillaway, RhodaVol 3, MS.6345p.955
Dimmock, SarahVol 3, MS.6346p.1299
Donahoe, OwenVol 2, MS,6321p.519
Doran, MarthaVol 2, MS,6322p.508
Dorman, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6347p.917
Duddell, WilliamVol 2, MS,6323p.483
Duffell, Ann ElizabethVol 3, MS.6348p.1010
Dunwille, William EdmundVol 2, MS,6324p.470
Durkin, Lucy AnnVol 3, MS.6349p.1022
Durkin, MaryVol 2, MS,6325p.657
East, JamesVol 2, MS,6326p.446
Eddington, HenryVol 3, MS.6350p.1078
Eden, JaneVol 3, MS.6351p.993
Elderton, GeorgeVol 2, MS,6327p.550
Eldridge, AnnVol 3, MS.6352p.930
Elliot, Andrew WilliamVol 2, MS,6328p.694
Ellis, JohnVol 2, MS,6329p.633
Eloisa, VincentVol 2, MS,6330p.608
Ensell, JohnVol 2, MS,6331p.513
Erswell, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6353p.1032
Everard, CharlesVol 2, MS,6332p.476
Exton, JosephVol 3, MS.6354p.1102
Eyre, AnneVol 3, MS.6355p.1239
Fayrer, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6333p.783
Featherstone, CharlotteVol 3, MS.6356p.964
Fellows, HarriettVol 3, MS.6357p.986
Fenner, FortenateVol 2, MS,6334p.675
Fewkes, MaryVol 3, MS.6358p.1099
Fewkes, MaryVol 3, MS.6359p.1226
Field, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6360p.949
Fielder, GeorgeVol 2, MS,6335p.532
Finnis, AlfredVol 3, MS.6361p.892
Firth, Charles EdwardVol 3, MS.6362p.988
Fitze, JamesVol 3, MS.6363p.1202
Fitzmorris, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6336p.561
Flack, JohnVol 2, MS,6337p.541
Fleet, SusanVol 2, MS,6338p.544
Fletcher, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6339p.623
Fletcher, MaryVol 3, MS.6364p.1060
Fletcher, Mary AnnVol 2, MS,6340p.873
Flewitt, MaryVol 3, MS.6365p.1197
Ford, ElizaVol 3, MS.6367p.925
Ford, Mary AnnVol 3, MS.6366p.900
Foreman, Mary JaneVol 2, MS,6341p.542
Forwood, SpencerVol 2, MS,6342p.760
Forwood, SpencerVol 2, MS,6343p.889J
Foster, AliceVol 3, MS.6368p.918
Foster, AliceVol 3, MS.6369p.1073
Fowler, JohnVol 2, MS,6344p.743
Fowles, JamesVol 2, MS,6345p.649
Fox, MaryVol 3, MS.6370p.1350
Francklin, HenryVol 3, MS.6371p.1089
Frankham, JamesVol 3, MS.6372p.1346
Freane, SusanVol 3, MS.6373p.903
Free, RebeccaVol 3, MS.6374p.1209
Freeman, JuliaVol 3, MS.6375p.1145
Freeman, JuliaVol 3, MS.6376p.1247
Fribbins, Isabella ElizabethVol 3, MS.6377p.1214
Frith, AnnVol 2, MS,6346p.720
Fulcher, JosephVol 3, MS.6378p.1118
Fuller, SarahVol 2, MS,6347p.480
Galloway, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6348p.597
Gibbens, SarahVol 2, MS,6349p.737
Gibson, JanetVol 3, MS.6379p.1164
Gildart, JaneVol 3, MS.6380p.1178
Giles, RebeccaVol 3, MS.6381p.1271
Gilligan, CarolineVol 3, MS.6382p.1136
Girdham, HannahVol 3, MS.6383p.1087
Gleeson, JamesVol 2, MS,6350p.757
Glen, WilliamVol 3, MS.6384p.1083
Goadby, WilliamVol 2, MS,6351p.484
Godden, MaryVol 2, MS,6352p.643
Godden, MaryVol 2, MS,6353p.771
Godden, MaryVol 3, MS.6385p.1198
Goldsmith, Margaret G.Vol 3, MS.6386p.982
Gomme, SarahVol 3, MS.6387p.1192
Goode, AugustusVol 3, MS.6388p.1015
Goodear, ElizaVol 3, MS.6389p.957
Goodwin, HannahVol 2, MS,6355p.602
Goodwin, HenryVol 2, MS,6354p.487
Goodyer, WilliamVol 3, MS.6390p.1216
Gorbell, Mary WatsonVol 2, MS,6356p.789
Gosling, Catherine MatildaVol 2, MS,6357p.813
Goulden, JamesVol 2, MS,6358p.785
Goulding, JamesVol 3, MS.6391p.1276
Graw, MaryVol 3, MS.6392p.1211
Gray, WilliamVol 3, MS.6393p.1332
Greatbalch, JamesVol 2, MS,6359p.503
Green, JohnVol 2, MS,6360p.666
Green, JohnVol 3, MS.6396p.1113
Green, Rosa JuliaVol 3, MS.6394p.906
Green, William PellewVol 3, MS.6395p.933
Greenwood, Sarah AnnVol 3, MS.6397p.1039
Gregory, JamesVol 3, MS.6398p.1282
Gregory, SusannahVol 2, MS,6361p.724
Griffin, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6400p.1085
Griffin, Henry HoratioVol 3, MS.6399p.931
Grimble, MargaretVol 3, MS.6401p.1293
Grimes, MaryVol 2, MS,6362p.526
Gross, CharlesVol 3, MS.6402p.1023
Grounds, JohnVol 2, MS,6363p.651
Grove, LydiaVol 2, MS,6364p.862
Grubb, JohnVol 2, MS,6365p.679
Grubb, JohnVol 3, MS.6403p.938
Gutch, RichardVol 3, MS.6404p.1050
Hagger, MaryVol 3, MS.6405p.1323
Haines, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6406p.1351
Halford, CarolineVol 3, MS.6407p.1279
Hall, GeorgeVol 2, MS,6369p.859
Hall, Henry EdwardVol 2, MS,6366p.496
Hall, JaneVol 2, MS,6367p.565
Hall, SamuelVol 2, MS,6368p.611
Hallam, EdwardVol 3, MS.6408p.970
Hammond, JohnVol 3, MS.6409p.1067
Hammond, John SamuelVol 2, MS,6371p.710
Hammond, RobertVol 2, MS,6370p.621
Hampton, HenryVol 3, MS.6410p.1344
Hand, ElizaVol 3, MS.6411p.1297
Handley, SamuelVol 3, MS.6412p.1183
Hannah, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6413p.1049
Hardiman, WilliamVol 2, MS,6372p.473
Harding, DanielVol 2, MS,6373p.495
Harding, DanielVol 3, MS.6414p.899
Harding, SophiaVol 2, MS,6374p.841
Hardwick, MaryVol 3, MS.6415p.1026
Harnett, MaryVol 3, MS.6416p.1043
Harrington, MargaretVol 2, MS,6375p.716
Harris, AnnVol 2, MS,6378p.827
Harris, HalseyVol 2, MS,6377p.817
Harris, SarahVol 2, MS,6379p.832
Harris, WilliamVol 2, MS,6376p.686
Hart, IsaacVol 2, MS,6380p.651
Hart, IsaacVol 2, MS,6381p.690
Hart, IsaacVol 3, MS.6417p.1221
Hart, IssacVol 2, MS,6382p.850
Hartland, AndrewVol 2, MS,6383p.864
Harvey, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6418p.1041
Harvey, ThomasVol 2, MS,6384p.726
Hasel, JohnVol 2, MS,6385p.763
Haswell, EmmaVol 3, MS.6419p.1142
Haverfield, RobertVol 2, MS,6386p.709
Havers, WilliamVol 3, MS.6420p.1046
Havers, WilliamVol 3, MS.6421p.1126
Hayes, CatherineVol 2, MS,6387p.690
Haynes, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6422p.1051
Haynes, SarahVol 2, MS,6388p.547
Haysom, ThomasVol 3, MS.6423p.1206
Hayter, HenryVol 2, MS,6389p.543
Heaton, JamesVol 2, MS,6390p.466
Heelas, HenryVol 2, MS,6391p.697
Hepburn, JamesVol 3, MS.6424p.953
Hewett, JaneVol 2, MS,6392p.755
Hicks, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6425p.1228
Hills, JohnVol 3, MS.6426p.901
Hinton, FannyVol 2, MS,6393p.764
Hitchens, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6427p.1315
Hobday, AlfredVol 2, MS,6394p.759
Hollis, MaryVol 3, MS.6428p.1045
Hooper, Henry GeorgeVol 3, MS.6429p.1256
Hooper, StephenVol 2, MS,6395p.856
Hope, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6396p.588
Hopkins, MariaVol 3, MS.6430p.927
Horeau, Marianne CarolineVol 2, MS,6397p.576
Horn, JohnVol 3, MS.6431p.971
Hover, ElizaVol 2, MS,6398p.659
Howard, CharlotteVol 3, MS.6432p.958
Howard, MaryVol 2, MS,6399p.722
Hoy, WilliamVol 2, MS,6400p.712
Hubbert, GeorgeVol 3, MS.6433p.1106
Hudson, MaryVol 3, MS.6434p.1207
Huggett, SarahVol 2, MS,6401p.640
Hughes, JamesVol 3, MS.6436p.1059
Hughes, JamesVol 3, MS.6437p.1236
Hughes, MargaretVol 2, MS,6402p.872
Hughes, MatildaVol 3, MS.6435p.1034
Hum, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6403p.718
Humberston, SarahVol 3, MS.6438p.1328
Hunnings, Edward ButlerVol 3, MS.6439p.1008
Hunt, GervaseVol 2, MS,6404p.498
Hunter, AnnVol 3, MS.6440p.1301
Hurel, JohnVol 2, MS,6405p.877
Hurley, ThomasVol 2, MS,6406p.818
Hutchings, CharlesVol 3, MS.6441p.1137
Hutchins, CharlesVol 2, MS,6407p.681
Hutchins, CharlesVol 2, MS,6408p.888
Hyatt, JohnVol 2, MS,6409p.482
Hyde, William HenryVol 2, MS,6410p.655
Ibbotson, AnnVol 3, MS.6442p.1181
Ingle, JaneVol 3, MS.6443p.926
Inward, John JamesVol 3, MS.6444p.1224
Inward, John JamesVol 3, MS.6445p.1261
Isaacs, GeorgeVol 3, MS.6446p.1053
Ives, JamesVol 2, MS,6411p.787
Izzard, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6412p.497
Izzard, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6413p.631
Jackman, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6414p.725
Jackson, MariaVol 2, MS,6415p.741
Jackson, SarahVol 3, MS.6447p.1180
Jacques, JosephVol 2, MS,6416p.442
James, CatherineVol 2, MS,6417p.858
Jamieson, AnnVol 2, MS,6418p.600
Janes, WilliamVol 3, MS.6448p.1237
Jaquin, LydiaVol 2, MS,6419p.795
Jarman, AnnVol 2, MS,6420p.826
Jarman, AnnVol 2, MS,6421p.889D
Jarvis, AmeliaVol 2, MS,6422p.546
Jeffrey, JamesVol 2, MS,6423p.481
Jennings, EdwardVol 2, MS,6424p.632
Jessor, EstherVol 3, MS.6449p.1029
Johncock, Mary AustinVol 3, MS.6450p.1035
Johnson, EdwardVol 3, MS.6454p.1036
Johnson, ElizaVol 2, MS,6426p.658
Johnson, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6451p.947
Johnson, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6459p.1225
Johnson, Margaret AnnVol 3, MS.6453p.1033
Johnson, MarthaVol 3, MS.6452p.1003
Johnson, MaryVol 3, MS.6456p.1133
Johnson, Mary AnnVol 3, MS.6458p.1223
Johnson, RichardVol 2, MS,6425p.635
Johnson, WilliamVol 2, MS,6427p.868
Johnson, WilliamVol 3, MS.6457p.1194
Johnson, William HenryVol 3, MS.6455p.1129
Jones, AnnVol 2, MS,6428p.586
Jones, EllenVol 2, MS,6430p.883
Jones, JaneVol 2, MS,6429p.874
Jones, MaryVol 3, MS.6460p.990
Jordan, SarahVol 3, MS.6461p.1074
Joseph, PhilipVol 2, MS,6431p.714
Joseph, SamuelVol 3, MS.6462p.1119
Judd, WilliamVol 2, MS,6432p.861
Justice, MaryVol 3, MS.6463p.1187
Keats, ThomasVol 2, MS,6433p.646
Kendrick, AnnVol 2, MS,6434p.839
Kennedy, EwenVol 3, MS.6464p.1139
Kennett, HenryVol 3, MS.6465p.997
Kennett, WilliamVol 3, MS.6466p.1345
Kent, GeorgeVol 2, MS,6436p.835
Kent, MarthaVol 2, MS,6435p.632
Kerry, WilliamVol 2, MS,6437p.516
Kilner, CharlotteVol 2, MS,6438p.652
Kilpin, Daniel JamesVol 2, MS,6439p.811
King, MaryVol 2, MS,6440p.530
King, William HenryVol 3, MS.6467p.1147
Kingdom, MahalaVol 3, MS.6468p.1030
Kingsford, MariaVol 3, MS.6469p.1084
Kirby, JosephVol 3, MS.6470p.1296
Knott, AnnVol 2, MS,6441p.673
Lacy, HannahVol 2, MS,6442p.806
Lade, PriscillaVol 2, MS,6443p.778
Lamb, BenjaminVol 3, MS.6471p.974
Laming, HenryVol 3, MS.6472p.1312
Land, LucyVol 2, MS,6444p.554
Lane, DennisVol 2, MS,6445p.713
Lane, Mary AnneVol 3, MS.6473p.1044
Lane, ThomasVol 3, MS.6474p.1100
Lanes, AnnVol 3, MS.6475p.1076
Langdonn, HenryVol 2, MS,6446p.773
Langrish, Ann FrancesVol 2, MS,6447p.527
Laskey, CharlotteVol 2, MS,6448p.692
Laskey, CharlotteVol 2, MS,6449p.876
Lath, MaryVol 3, MS.6476p.1176
Laws, JamesVol 3, MS.6477p.1174
Laxton, JoshuaVol 2, MS,6450p.700
Leach, GeorgeVol 3, MS.6478p.1135
Leake, JosephVol 3, MS.6479p.1104
Leaper, ElizaVol 2, MS,6451p.779
Leary, AnnVol 3, MS.6480p.944
Leatherland, GeorgeVol 2, MS,6452p.522
Lee, AnnVol 2, MS,6453p.674
Lee, JosephVol 3, MS.6481p.1020
Lees, JamesVol 2, MS,6454p.604
Lesley, SarahVol 2, MS,6455p.846
Lester, FrederickVol 3, MS.6482p.1229
Levett, JaneVol 2, MS,6456p.648
Levy, RosettaVol 3, MS.6483p.1091
Lewis, EdwardVol 2, MS,6457p.488
Lewis, Job CharlesVol 2, MS,6459p.647
Lewis, WilliamVol 2, MS,6458p.515
Lindard, JamesVol 2, MS,6460p.801
Linsdell, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6484p.897
Little, BenjaminVol 3, MS.6485p.1140
Little, SophiaVol 2, MS,6461p.708
Littleover, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6486p.1146
Livinstone, CharlotteVol 3, MS.6487p.937
Lloyd, Jane AnnVol 2, MS,6462p.878
Load, Valentine C GVol 2, MS,6464p.889C
Load, Valentine Charles GeorgeVol 2, MS,6463p.777
Load, Valentine Charles GeorgeVol 2, MS,6465p.889K
Locke, SophiaVol 3, MS.6488p.1278
Locker, RobertVol 2, MS,6466p.824
Lowe, EmmaVol 2, MS,6467p.580
Lucas, JohnVol 2, MS,6468p.539
Lucas, ThomasVol 3, MS.6489p.1007
Luck, MaryVol 3, MS.6490p.1055
Lulham, JohnVol 3, MS.6491p.1154
Lupson, JohnVol 2, MS,6469p.668
Lyall, AnnVol 2, MS,6470p.772
Lyons, CarolineVol 3, MS.6492p.1289
Mace, JamesVol 2, MS,6471p.812
Mackintosh, MaryVol 3, MS.6493p.1177
Madden, EllenVol 3, MS.6494p.1269
Main, PeterVol 2, MS,6472p.464
Manners, WilliamVol 3, MS.6495p.905
Mantle, GeorgeVol 3, MS.6496p.1079
Maroschisky, HarriettVol 3, MS.6497p.1148
Marsh, HannahVol 2, MS,6473p.613
Marsh, Issac WilliamVol 2, MS,6474p.881
Marsh, SimeonVol 3, MS.6498p.1326
Martiel, SarahVol 3, MS.6499p.1324
Martin, EdwardVol 2, MS,6475p.517
Martin, ElizaVol 2, MS,6476p.816
Martin, HarriettVol 3, MS.6500p.946
Martin, JaneVol 3, MS.6501p.1128
Marwood, MaryVol 3, MS.6502p.1158
Mash, FrederickVol 3, MS.6503p.1294
Mason, AnnVol 2, MS,6477p.612
Mason, AnnVol 3, MS.6504p.1171
Mason, HenryVol 2, MS,6478p.889
Masters, JaneVol 3, MS.6505p.921
Matthews, HenryVol 2, MS,6479p.524
Matthews, JohnVol 3, MS.6506p.1018
Matthews, JosephVol 2, MS,6480p.556
Matthews, WinifredVol 3, MS.6507p.1329
Mawbey, Henry GoodchildVol 3, MS.6508p.910
McCarthey, DanielVol 2, MS,6481p.886
McCraw, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6509p.914
McCraw, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6510p.1124
McDonna, DavidVol 3, MS.6511p.1337
McDougall, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6512p.1290
McLeod, Anna MariaVol 2, MS,6482p.796
McTaggart, WilliamVol 2, MS,6483p.457
Megsum, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6484p.670
Mellon, JosephVol 2, MS,6485p.866
Merrill, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6486p.702
Merriman, JaneVol 3, MS.6513p.1082
Messum, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6514p.1186
Metson, RobertVol 2, MS,6487p.485
Middlemore, FrancisVol 2, MS,6488p.729
Middleton, JohnVol 2, MS,6489p.536
Miles, CharlesVol 3, MS.6515p.962
Miller, JamesVol 2, MS,6490p.664
Milstead, SusannahVol 2, MS,6491p.762
Misdall, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6492p.805
Moles, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6493p.620
Monagan, PhilipVol 2, MS,6494p.500
Monkman, RobertVol 2, MS,6495p.852
Moore, Hannah ElizabethVol 3, MS.6516p.1017
Moore, HenryVol 2, MS,6496p.791
Morgan, StephenVol 3, MS.6517p.1208
Morris, JaneVol 2, MS,6497p.548
Moses, WilliamVol 2, MS,6498p.471
Muddiman, Mary AnnVol 3, MS.6518p.908
Munns, MariaVol 3, MS.6519p.1339
Murphy, AnnVol 2, MS,6499p.819
Murphy, AnnVol 2, MS,6500p.889H
Myers, SarahVol 2, MS,6501p.822
Nash, AnnVol 3, MS.6521p.1056
Nash, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6502p.717
Nash, SarahVol 3, MS.6520p.967
Navey, MaryVol 3, MS.6522p.972
Neate, MaryVol 3, MS.6523p.1352
Neighbour, JamesVol 3, MS.6524p.1234
Nettlefold, JamesVol 3, MS.6525p.922
Newing, RebeccaVol 3, MS.6526p.1086
Newland, Jane AdelaideVol 3, MS.6527p.1274
Newman, JosephVol 2, MS,6503p.504
Newnham, HannahVol 2, MS,6504p.645
Newnham, JamesVol 3, MS.6528p.1144
Newton, James DuncanVol 2, MS,6505p.683
Newton, MaryVol 3, MS.6529p.1343
Nicholls, RobertVol 2, MS,6506p.855
Nicholson, JaneVol 2, MS,6507p.735
Noble, MarkVol 3, MS.6530p.1173
Nohill, MaryVol 2, MS,6508p.754
Noon, JohnVol 2, MS,6509p.742
Norman, GeorgeVol 2, MS,6510p.525
Norris, CharlesVol 3, MS.6531p.1071
North, JaneVol 3, MS.6532p.977
Notson, JamesVol 2, MS,6511p.506
Nottage, JohnVol 2, MS,6512p.511
Nottage, JohnVol 3, MS.6533p.1152
Nowatney, JohnVol 3, MS.6534p.1052
Oakins, WilliamVol 2, MS,6513p.625
O'Brien, EllenVol 3, MS.6535p.1125
O'Brien, EllenVol 3, MS.6536p.1291
Ockenden, AnnVol 3, MS.6537p.1013
Ogle, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6514p.617
Ogle, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6538p.1000
Orry, SusanVol 2, MS,6515p.738
Osborne, MaryVol 2, MS,6516p.581
Osterstocke, JohnVol 3, MS.6539p.1275
O'Sullivan, DanielVol 2, MS,6517p.552
Oxenham, JaneVol 2, MS,6518p.637
Packer, CharlotteVol 3, MS.6540p.963
Packer, RichardVol 3, MS.6541p.980
Painter, JarvisVol 3, MS.6542p.1115
Pamphlett, AnnVol 2, MS,6519p.598
Pamphlett, AnnVol 3, MS.6543p.1284
Pankhurst, PeterVol 2, MS,6520p.502
Parfett, SophiaVol 2, MS,6521p.740
Parker, ElizaVol 2, MS,6523p.837
Parker, MaryVol 3, MS.6545p.1167
Parker, Mary AnnVol 2, MS,6522p.614
Parker, SamuelVol 3, MS.6544p.1107
Parkin, MaryVol 2, MS,6524p.834
Parkinson, JosephVol 2, MS,6525p.619
Parris, CarolineVol 2, MS,6526p.492
Pattinson, SarahVol 2, MS,6527p.605
Payton, SarahVol 2, MS,6528p.728
Pearce, MaryVol 2, MS,6529p.665
Pearson, FannyVol 2, MS,6530p.594
Peck, HannahVol 2, MS,6531p.794
Peed, EstherVol 2, MS,6532p.800
Peepall, John CharlesVol 3, MS.6546p.916
Pellett, Sarah AnnVol 3, MS.6547p.1317
Penlington, BenjaminVol 2, MS,6533p.493
Penn, BenjaminVol 3, MS.6548p.1253
Penny, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6549p.1281
Perry, AnnVol 3, MS.6550p.1307
Perry, JohnVol 2, MS,6534p.731
Philcox, Godfrey WalterVol 3, MS.6551p.1170
Phillips, SarahVol 3, MS.6552p.935
Phillis, CatherineVol 3, MS.6553p.960
Philpott, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6535p.828
Pickman, JamesVol 3, MS.6554p.1285
Pickton, SarahVol 2, MS,6536p.723
Pierce, Thomas HenryVol 3, MS.6555p.1097
Pigott, MaryVol 2, MS,6537p.662
Pink, MaryVol 3, MS.6557p.1075
Pink, SophiaVol 3, MS.6556p.1040
Pontin, JohnVol 3, MS.6558p.952
Poole, SusannahVol 3, MS.6559p.984
Popplewell, SarahVol 2, MS,6538p.563
Port, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6539p.618
Porter, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6540p.840
Porter, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6560p.893
Porter, ThomasVol 3, MS.6561p.1002
Poulden, ThomasVol 2, MS,6541p.553
Powell, SusannahVol 3, MS.6562p.1069
Powell, William JonathanVol 2, MS,6542p.814
Pratt, EdmundVol 3, MS.6564p.1231
Pratt, EmmaVol 3, MS.6563p.1009
Pratt, JamesVol 3, MS.6565p.1335
Pratt, WilliamVol 2, MS,6543p.603
Prattent, Rose MaryVol 2, MS,6544p.842
Preston, JamesVol 2, MS,6545p.494
Price, JohnVol 2, MS,6546p.843
Price, MaryVol 2, MS,6547p.860
Priddle, WilliamVol 3, MS.6566p.1314
Priest, BetsyVol 3, MS.6567p.1353
Prigmore, RebeccaVol 3, MS.6568p.1268
Prike, MargaretVol 2, MS,6548p.624
Proctor, John MatthewsVol 2, MS,6549p.769
Prosser, MariaVol 3, MS.6569p.1220
Pruvey, HarrietVol 2, MS,6550p.630
Pugh, JosephVol 2, MS,6551p.634
Purkis, GeorgeVol 3, MS.6570p.1200
Pye, Mary AnnVol 3, MS.6571p.1123
Quarr, EmanualVol 2, MS,6552p.849
Quinn, ThomasVol 3, MS.6572p.1156
Quinton, GeorgeVol 3, MS.6573p.1304
Ralph, SamuelVol 2, MS,6553p.678
Ranson, CharlesVol 2, MS,6554p.804
Rapley, GraceVol 2, MS,6555p.571
Ratcliff, SamuelVol 2, MS,6556p.454
Rayner, HarrietVol 2, MS,6557p.879
Reed, AnnVol 2, MS,6558p.736
Rees, HarrietVol 2, MS,6559p.845
Reeves, Marianne RandallVol 2, MS,6561p.807
Reeves, WilliamVol 2, MS,6560p.706
Reynolds, ElenorVol 2, MS,6562p.809
Reynoldson, WilliamVol 2, MS,6563p.667
Richards, AbrahamVol 3, MS.6575p.1265
Richards, CharlotteVol 3, MS.6574p.1094
Richards, Mary AnnVol 3, MS.6576p.1321
Richardson, George Thomas MatthewVol 3, MS.6577p.1011
Richardson, JohnVol 2, MS,6564p.445
Richardson, RobertVol 2, MS,6565p.798
Richmond, LucyVol 3, MS.6578p.941
Richs, SaulVol 2, MS,6566p.591
Riley, MaryVol 3, MS.6579p.912
Riley, Mary AnnVol 2, MS,6567p.599
Roberts, JamesVol 2, MS,6568p.695
Robins,Vol 3, MS.6580
Robinson, CharlesVol 3, MS.6582p.1077
Robinson, LouisaVol 3, MS.6583p.1212
Robinson, WilliamVol 3, MS.6584p.1273
Rogers, AnnVol 3, MS.6587p.1313
Rogers, IsaacVol 3, MS.6586p.1277
Rogers, SusannahVol 3, MS.6585p.1196
Room, ElishaVol 2, MS,6569p.699
Ross, WilliamVol 3, MS.6588p.1310
Rouse, AnnVol 2, MS,6570p.567
Rubert, WilliamVol 3, MS.6589p.961
Rumbolt, SusannahVol 2, MS,6571p.671
Russell, AnnVol 3, MS.6590p.1088
Rymer, WalterVol 3, MS.6591p.1019
Salter, FannyVol 2, MS,6572p.559
Salter, MaryVol 3, MS.6592p.1300
Sanders, ChristianaVol 2, MS,6573p.752
Sangster, WilliamVol 3, MS.6593p.1286
Saunders, HenryVol 3, MS.6594p.1246
Saunders, JaneVol 2, MS,6575p.870
Saunders, Mary AnnVol 2, MS,6574p.572
Saunders, Mary AnnVol 3, MS.6595p.1258
Schofield, JohnVol 2, MS,6576p.447
Scott, RobertVol 2, MS,6577p.705
Scotting, FrancisVol 2, MS,6578p.847
Scotting, FrancisVol 3, MS.6596p.1114
Scotting, RichardVol 3, MS.6597p.1349
Scriven, ThomasVol 3, MS.6598p.1188
Scrope, FrancisVol 3, MS.6599p.932
Seaborne, RebeccaVol 2, MS,6579p.810
Seager, HarriettVol 3, MS.6600p.976
Seagrave, William EasanVol 2, MS,6580p.555
Sear, AnnVol 3, MS.6601p.1037
Searle, Mary AnnVol 2, MS,6581p.518
Seaver, SarahVol 2, MS,6582p.693
See, FisherVol 3, MS.6602p.1063
Seekings, JohnVol 2, MS,6583p.505
Sharpe, Sarah AnnVol 2, MS,6584p.774
Shaw, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6585p.672
Shaw, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6603p.909
Shaw, JamesVol 3, MS.6604p.1193
Shearcroft, RachaelVol 3, MS.6605p.934
Shepherd, WilliamVol 2, MS,6586p.507
Sherrey, HarrietVol 3, MS.6606p.1093
Sherwin, GeorgeVol 2, MS,6587p.875
Shipley, AnnVol 3, MS.6607p.1061
Shipman, EllenVol 3, MS.6608p.975
Siddons, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6588p.499
Siffleet, Mary AnnVol 2, MS,6589p.746
Simkins, WilliamVol 2, MS,6590p.786
Simmonds, Sar ahVol 2, MS,6591p.601
Simmons, HenryVol 2, MS,6593p.802
Simmons, MaryVol 2, MS,6592p.677
Simpson, HannahVol 3, MS.6609p.1108
Simpson, MatildaVol 3, MS.6610p.1141
Sims, JamesVol 2, MS,6594p.629
Sivenny, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6595p.568
Skelton, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6611p.1095
Slater, ElizaVol 2, MS,6596p.660
Slee, JamesVol 3, MS.6612p.1185
Smaller, Mary AnnVol 3, MS.6613p.1111
Smart, JohnVol 2, MS,6597p.744
Smeed, JamesVol 2, MS,6598p.782
Smith, AnnVol 2, MS,6603p.838
Smith, ElizaVol 2, MS,6600p.659
Smith, EmilyVol 3, MS.6618p.1016
Smith, HenryVol 3, MS.6617p.1006
Smith, JaneVol 2, MS,6602p.780
Smith, Mary AnnVol 2, MS,6601p.715
Smith, Mary AnnVol 3, MS.6619p.1205
Smith, PeterVol 3, MS.6615p.987
Smith, PhoebeVol 3, MS.6620p.1227
Smith, RebeccaVol 3, MS.6616p.999
Smith, RobertVol 2, MS,6599p.449
Smith, SarahVol 3, MS.6614p.891
Smith, Sarah HislopVol 2, MS,6604p.854
Smith, WilliamVol 2, MS,6605p.857
Snedwell, JohnVol 2, MS,6606p.538
Soloman, AaronVol 2, MS,6607p.459
Solomon, HannahVol 3, MS.6621p.1254
South, WilliamVol 2, MS,6608p.641
Southwood, SarahVol 3, MS.6622p.1342
Spencer, George LawsonVol 3, MS.6623p.1302
Spurgin, GeorgeVol 3, MS.6624p.1355
Stafford, FannyVol 3, MS.6625p.929
Stagg, JaneVol 3, MS.6626p.1190
Staggs, SusannahVol 3, MS.6627p.1182
Standen, DeborahVol 2, MS,6609p.582
Steadman, MaryVol 3, MS.6628p.1257
Stent, AlexanderVol 3, MS.6629p.1081
Stevens, StephenVol 2, MS,6610p.491
Stevens, StephenVol 3, MS.6630p.959
Stevenson, EphriamVol 2, MS,6611p.463
Steward, SamuelVol 2, MS,6612p.521
Stockwell, MarthaVol 3, MS.6631p.890
Stratford, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6632p.1031
Strawson, RebeccaVol 3, MS.6633p.1311
Stride, RobertVol 2, MS,6613p.880
Strong, WilliamVol 2, MS,6614p.823
Strother, BenjaminVol 2, MS,6615p.520
Sturgeon, Ann MaryVol 2, MS,6616p.569
Stutchbury, ThomasVol 3, MS.6634p.1267
Sulman, MarthaVol 2, MS,6617p.727
Sutcliffe, GeorgeVol 2, MS,6618p.676
Sweeney, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6635p.1155
Sweeny, JuliaVol 3, MS.6636p.1320
Symonds, SarahVol 3, MS.6637p.1054
Symons, SarahVol 2, MS,6619p.688
Talbot, ElizaVol 3, MS.6638p.1201
Tanner, ThomasVol 2, MS,6620p.730
Tanner, WilliamVol 3, MS.6639p.1070
Taylor, AnnVol 3, MS.6641p.1241
Taylor, ElizaVol 2, MS,6622p.585
Taylor, GeorgeVol 2, MS,6623p.684
Taylor, HarrietVol 3, MS.6642p.1242
Taylor, JohnVol 2, MS,6621p.479
Taylor, MaryVol 3, MS.6640p.895
Teather, GeorgeVol 2, MS,6624p.825
Tenant, MaryVol 2, MS,6625p.887
Thackham, MaryVol 2, MS,6626p.512
Thompson, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6643p.1068
Thompson, MarthaVol 2, MS,6627p.733
Thomset, BenjaminVol 2, MS,6628p.490
Thornton, SusanVol 3, MS.6644p.1134
Thursdon, MaryVol 2, MS,6629p.770
Tilbury, JohnVol 2, MS,6630p.592
Tilson, John SamuelVol 2, MS,6631p.790
Timlet, ElizaVol 2, MS,6632p.748
Tipper, WilliamVol 3, MS.6645p.1143
Tocock, MarthaVol 2, MS,6633p.509
Todd, AnnaVol 2, MS,6634p.642
Tomblin, SusanVol 3, MS.6646p.1168
Tooke, HenryVol 3, MS.6647p.1189
Toomy, JuliaVol 3, MS.6648p.1320
Toop, WilliamVol 2, MS,6635p.680
Tovannah, ThergaVol 2, MS,6636p.589
Trim, MaryVol 3, MS.6649p.1004
Tull, EstherVol 3, MS.6650p.942
Tuoby, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6651p.1155
Turner, MariaVol 2, MS,6637p.562
Turner, MaryVol 3, MS.6652p.1109
Turner, SarahVol 2, MS,6638p.863
Twite, John EdwardVol 3, MS.6653p.1098
Twyman, DanielVol 2, MS,6639p.884
Ullyatt, WilliamVol 3, MS.6654p.1298
Upsdate, Mary AnnVol 3, MS.6655p.1330
Varley, JohnVol 2, MS,6640p.564
Veal, CharlesVol 2, MS,6641p.557
Vickery, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6642p.776
Vile, CatherineVol 3, MS.6656p.1092
Wakefield, MaryVol 3, MS.6657p.1150
Wallis, HenryVol 2, MS,6643p.451
Walls, CharlotteVol 3, MS.6658p.1319
Walton, JohnVol 3, MS.6659p.1166
Ward, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6660p.985
Ward, JohnVol 2, MS,6644p.460
Ward, ThomasVol 2, MS,6645p.523
Ware, EllenVol 2, MS,6646p.739
Waring, AnnVol 3, MS.6661p.969
Warner, DavidVol 3, MS.6662p.1122
Warren, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6647p.579
Warren, ThomasVol 3, MS.6663p.1064
Watson, JohnVol 2, MS,6648p.456
Watson, JohnVol 2, MS,6649p.682
Way, William HooperVol 3, MS.6664p.1151
Wealands, Mathew ThomasVol 2, MS,6650p.758
Weaver, CharlesVol 3, MS.6665p.1132
Webb, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6651p.627
Webster, WilliamVol 2, MS,6652p.537
Webster, WilliamVol 2, MS,6653p.654
Webster, WilliamVol 3, MS.6666p.1112
West, ChristopherVol 2, MS,6654p.450
West, HarrietVol 2, MS,6655p.595
West, JamesVol 2, MS,6656p.775
West, MaryVol 3, MS.6667p.1024
Weston, RebeccaVol 3, MS.6668p.1218
Wheeler, ElizabethVol 3, MS.6669p.1096
Wheeler, JosephVol 3, MS.6670p.1309
Whitaker, MarkVol 2, MS,6657p.465
White, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6658p.687
White, HenryVol 3, MS.6671p.902
White, JaneVol 2, MS,6659p.820
White, JohnVol 3, MS.6672p.1259
Whitley, HarriettVol 3, MS.6673p.1244
Whitley, Lewis EdwardVol 3, MS.6674p.1263
Whittleborough, SarahVol 3, MS.6675p.996
Wicker, CharlotteVol 3, MS.6676p.1048
Wickstead, RichardVol 2, MS,6660p.469
Wilkes, JohnVol 2, MS,6661p.549
Wilkinson, BenjaminVol 2, MS,6662p.583
Willan, Emma MariaVol 3, MS.6677p.1251
Willan, FannyVol 3, MS.6678p.1252
WilliamVol 3, MS.6581p.983
Williams, Benjamin NicholasVol 2, MS,6663p.767
Williams, Benjamin NicholasVol 2, MS,6664p.797
Williams, JohnVol 2, MS,6665p.865
Williams, RichardVol 3, MS.6679p.1230
Williamson, HannahVol 3, MS.6680p.1072
Williamson, JohnVol 2, MS,6666p.458
Willicott, WilliamVol 3, MS.6681p.1217
Wilson, HarriettVol 3, MS.6682p.1233
Wilts, AnnVol 2, MS,6667p.489
Windsor, JaneVol 2, MS,6668p.844
Winsor, JaneVol 3, MS.6683p.1215
Winterton, Mary AnnVol 2, MS,6669p.622
Wood, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6673p.803
Wood, HenryVol 2, MS,6670p.467
Wood, JohnVol 2, MS,6671p.514
Wood, MaryVol 2, MS,6672p.609
Woodhams, Sarah AnnVol 3, MS.6684p.1149
Woodhouse, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6674p.848
Woodley, AnnVol 3, MS.6685p.904
Woodroffe, MaryVol 2, MS,6675p.722
Woods, BetsyVol 3, MS.6686p.1331
Wormleighton, SamuelVol 2, MS,6676p.661
Worrall, HarrietVol 2, MS,6677p.566
Worth, SarahVol 2, MS,6678p.747
Wrann, JaneVol 2, MS,6679p.871
Wright, ElizabethVol 2, MS,6680p.851
Wrixon, James CharlesVol 2, MS,6681p.698
Wynne, EdwardVol 3, MS.6687p.1238
Yates, MaryVol 3, MS.6688p.896
Young, AnnVol 3, MS.6689p.1169
Young, MaryVol 2, MS,6682p.885
Younghusband, JosephVol 3, MS.6690p.1121

Reminder: The Summit

You won't need climbing boots to reach this summit. Brampton, Ontario, isn't known for its mountains.

I reminder that in less than a month now early bird pricing ends for the Great Canadian Genealogy Summit.

Learn more about this event, 21-23 October, 2016, at www.cangensummit.ca/.

By the way, for those tired of hearing about genetic genealogy, this appear to be a DNA-free event.