Thursday, 7 July 2016

New genealogy books at the Ottawa Public Library

Two books by Chris Paton, Discover Scottish Church Records and Discover Irish Land Records are two of three new genealogy books at the Ottawa Public Library. Both are publications of Unlock the Past and there are three copies of each in the system.

Also new is Tracing your Ancestors' Parish Records: A Guide for Family and Local Historians
by Stuart Raymond. It has quite a waiting list, 10 holds on 4 copies.

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Gail B said...

I will put in a request to my public library for Stuart's latest. My library has several of his earlier works. May I suggest one I recently found of interest? ---- Rebecca Proberts's "Marriage Laws for Genealogists: A definitive guide .... ". I know you know of it, John, however other readers may not. It dispels a lot of myths we local historians have all held about age of marriage, legality etc, in the U.K.

Gail B