Saturday, 9 July 2016

See anything wrong?

Canadians know that people in the US rarely think about them, which can be a blessing.
Go to and you're redirected to Scroll down and you'll see on the left a heading US & Canada family history. So far so good.
Click on the that heading to find a page headed United States & Canada records. Now look to the right and click A-Z of record sets and the page above appears, no mention of Canada but with Canadian record sets listed along with those for the US. How would US people feel if their records were listed under Canada?
While it would be nice to have a separate category for Canada, especially if findmypast follow through to expand their Canadian datasets, for the moment it should surely be easy to change the A-Z heading to United States and Canada.


Bryan Douglas Cook said...

Don't fret John, they are already looking ahead to the Trump years of piracy of our water and our independence! Bryan

Gail B said...

And they don't even pronounce Zed correctly! 'Some of my best friends are Americans', including our son, born in Boston, and many relatives. While living and working in Boston as a young woman, I know just how little Americans (in the 1960's) knew about Canada. Which was Next to nothing. One hopes there has been some education on 'foreign' countries since then, but who knows....

End of rant.
Gail B

Alison (Vancouver) said...

May be everyone on your distribution list should write and complain to them.

jon said...

Complaining will accomplish, I suggest, absolutely nothing. FMP american and Canadian newspapers will not display, any image will just slide off the screen to the North-west as you click. So, I have been at FMP since last November, 2015. Many email exchanges over the months. Nothing, not a thing changes. I have been gypped out of half the reason I signed on--supposed access to newspapers.

So, good luck to you thinking anything will change.

jon ackroyd on the west coast of canada

Alison (Vancouver) said...

Such a pity as FMP used to be so responsive to corrections, requests etc.

Alison also on the we(s)t coast of Canada

Gail B said...

It was ever thus. Commercialization of so many once trusted genealogical sites are now, all, just about the bottom line. Economics. Nothing but. Sad.

Gail B again

Anonymous said...

What particularly rots my butt is that almost everyone I meet in the UK, when hearing that I am Canadian, says "oh, I have an auntie in Calgary," or, more usually, Vancouver. If not, then I hear, "oh, I have been there on a Navy exchange," or something similar. The links are so close between us, and yet FMP ignores us almost completely. Cheers anyway, BT