Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Genetic Genealogy Ireland 2016

The lineup of speaker's at GGI2016, 9-11 October 2016, RDS, Dublin, is out:

Prof Dan Bradley, Trinity College Dublin (IRL)
Dr Jens Carlsson, University College Dublin (IRL)
Dr Ed Gilbert, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (IRL)
Dr René Gapert, University College Dublin (IRL)
Debbie Kennett, University College London (ISOGG, UK)
Michelle Leonard, University of Strathclyde (ISOGG, Scotland)
Jim Barry, The Barrymore Project (ISOGG, USA)
Dennis O'Brien, O'Brien Surname DNA Project (ISOGG, Australia)
Dennis Wright, Irish Type III Project (ISOGG, Australia)
Robert Casey, Casey Surname Project (ISOGG, USA)
Diahan Southard, Your DNA Guide (ISOGG, USA)
Jennifer Zinck, Zinck DNA Project, (ISOGG, USA)
Peter Sjoland, Swedish DNA Project (ISOGG, Sweden)
Maurice Gleeson, Gleason/Gleeson DNA Project (ISOGG, UK & IRL)
Katherine Borges, Ireland mtDNA Project (Director, ISOGG, USA)
Linda Magellan, Magellan DNA Project, (ISOGG, USA)
Gerard Corcoran, ISOGG Ireland representative (IRL)
Paddy Waldron, Clare Roots Society (ISOGG, IRL)
John Cleary, Camp & Kemp Project (ISOGG, Scotland)
Maggie Little, NIFHS Ballymena (ISOGG, N.IRL)
Ann Marie Coghlan, DNA Corcaigh (ISOGG, IRL)

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