Monday, 4 July 2016

BIFHSGO Conference: 9–11 September 2016

A reminder that registration is open for the 23rd annual BIFHSGO conference at the early bird rate.

Don't miss it. The speakers and presentations are:

Niall Keogh: Don Whiteside Memorial Lecturer
Kyle Betit: Advances in Irish Research Over the Last Five Years
Dennis Carter-Edwards: The Peter Robinson Irish Immigrants to the Newcastle District in 1825
Maurice Gleeson: Connecting with Cousins Through Autosomal DNA
Kyle Betit: Irish Land Records
Lesley Anderson: Women on Ancestry
Gloria Tubman: The Sash our Irish Ancestors Wore: The Orange Order
Leanne Cooper, Rick Moody,John D. Reid, : Making Connections: Adventures in Genetic Genealogy
Kyle Betit: Using Canadian and US Records for Your Irish Research
Glenn Wright: The British Army and Royal Navy in Canada, 1758-1871
Lucille Campey: Atlantic Canada's Irish Immigrants: A Fish and Timber Story
Maurice Gleeson: My Grandfather was Adopted: Using DNA to Find the Family of Adoptees and Illegitimate Family Members can be identified.
Kyle Betit: Irish Sources You May Never Have Considered
Lucille Campey: What About the Coffin Ships? The Sailing Vessels that Carried Our Irish Ancestors to Canada
Maurice Gleeson: Using DNA to Identify Soldiers of the Western Front

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