Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Ottawa Genealogist: July – September 2016

Two articles by Ottawa Branch board members, Kyla Ubbink and John Patton, are highlights of the latest branch quarterly newsletter just released to members.

The Little Dutch Boy in the War – “The Escaped Bank Robbers” relates a story told to Kyla by her father about his second cousin, an officer with the British Special Operations Executive during the Second World War.

In Would the Real Laura Touzel Please Stand Up John Patton recounts the long-standing confusion over the death of a twin laid to rest in the old Killaloe Cemetery in 1914, but which one?

Lots of branch and OGS news is included from branch chair Doug Grey, and in regular columns summarizing resources from far and near by Heather Oakley and Mike More.

One Ottawa Branch outreach initiative is a grants program. Most recently there were awards to the North Lanark Historical Society towards the publishing their book, “1942 Almonte Train Wreck,”. That's an incident that coincided with a major ice storm.

Another award was given to the Rideau Township Historical Society (RTHS) towards the Rideau Memorial Project, a publication and website to honour soldiers lost during the First World War.  While I couldn't find anything on that project on the society website I stumbled on a useful archive of past RTHS newsletters at www.rideautownshiphistory.org/newsletters.htm

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