Friday, 22 July 2016

LAC Annual Report 2015-2016

The year's achievements in numbers listed in the LAC annual report for 2015-2016. 

website views

government records opened

questions answered by the reference section

digital images online

Flickr views

publications collected under legal deposit    

podcast listens

blog views

new private acquisitions

private heritage institutions funded

items loaned to museums and galleries

This year genealogy is not overlooked. Geneal* is found seven times:

. . our plan is to make all of the records (CEF service files) available online by the 100th anniversary of the Armistice—November 11, 2018—which should delight both genealogists and historians alike. 

LAC is fully dedicated to serving all its clients: government institutions, donors, academics, researchers, archivists, librarians, students, genealogists and the general public.

By adding advanced search options such as place of birth, place and date of enlistment, and the name of the unit or battalion, volunteers have enabled researchers, students and genealogists to find the files of specific soldiers whose names are similar to those of other soldiers.

Top 5 Topics
  1. Genealogy
  2. First World War
  3. Photographs
  4. Research Tools
  5. Canadian People and Events
The most-viewed blog post was about the 1940 National Registration File— confirming just how interested Canadians are in genealogical research!

One of the most popular services is helping clients locate relatives and family records through LAC’s genealogy experts.

David Obee Genealogy expert  (as member of Services Consultation Committee)

Alas, not a single mention of newspapers!

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