Sunday, 24 July 2016

Twitter advice

While I use Twitter, mostly to see what's going on, I don't feel like I'm making the most of it. So I was pleased to see a post on the Unwritten Histories blog The Canadian Historian’s Guide to Twitter. Being an amateur historian at best I didn't get into the detail about people and organizations to follow, but the material on techniques is helpful. There's even reference to more basic material for the complete Twitter neophyte.
If you know of Twitter information more specifically of interest to the Canadian family historian please post it in a comment.

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Penny said...

Hi John, have you been reading my mind? I enjoy using Twitter, but find it hard to keep up to everything that is posted. I also know of a number of people who do not choose to use Twitter, but are on Facebook or another type of social media. Therefore, I decided to create a 'semi-regular' review of Tweets, particularly anything relevant to Canadian history and or genealogy that I think would be of interest to Canadian genealogists. Please be sure to give me your feedback. (this post has a link to No.1) Number 3 is in the editing phase. All the best, Penny.