Monday, 25 July 2016

Legacy Family Tree Webinars

Go to a conference and you can expect to pay around about $10 for each presentation you attend. If there are multiple streams you may pay more for the privilege of choice. If the conference is large you may pay less, but find yourself sitting in a huge crowd with no likelihood of interaction with the speaker. You hear the presentation once, no opportunity to go back and review that crucial bit of information that went by too quickly.
For that same $10 (US) you can subscribe to a one month long access to presentations by top rate speakers at Legacy Family Tree Webinars.
Just available is a six lecture series by John Grenham recorded from his home in Ireland. Worth a month's subscription right there.
A total of 382 presentations, and growing, are available by nearly 100 different presenters including Lisa Louise Cooke, Maurice Gleeson, Kirsty Grey, John Grenham, Tom Jones, Thomas MacEntee, Judy Russell, Megan Smolenyak. They are available to view day and night.
True, you don't get the one on one interaction, but for many presentations you do get a syllabus handout.
And you can try a few of the presentations for free. Browse around at


Celia Lewis said...

I've found the Legacy Webinars to be fabulous for my ongoing genealogy education - which, of course, will never stop. I always find helpful ideas, tips, techniques, and more in their professional quality presentations. Highly recommended.

Shirley said...

I agree with Celia. I have attended or listened later to most of the webinars and have found them to be very helpful. I use Legacy software so have benefitted from the webinars specific to Legacy, although the principles are the same for any software.