Thursday, 21 July 2016

A TROVE success story

The National Library of Australia blog posted a story that just came to my attention about how an item in TROVE has helped change people's lives, specifically those who lost a hand in an accident, for the better. TROVE is a prime example of a library success, building on newspaper digitization,  even if underappreciated by Australia's government.
LAC should pay much more attention to its library collection, specifically newspapers, with one or more dedicated newspaper specialists on staff and making digitized newspapers available in a searchable format online, as does the NLA.

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Alison (Vancouver) said...

The Trove is a wonderful resource. I have used it many times to search for information about distant relatives who moved to Australia in the 1800s. Even when other records are missing, there's a chance you will find something in Trove. For example, we hadn't been able to verify the reputed date of arrival by a relative, and it seemed that he was too young to be travelling alone. But low and behold, Trove had a letter from a number of the passengers, including him.