Sunday, 8 February 2009

British and Irish Architects

Chris Paton blogs that "the Irish Government has funded a new online database of interest to those with architects in their ancestry. The Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720-1940 at can be searched by the name of the architect in question, or by the work he created."

Chris also mentions that Scottish architects can be researched online, at, which covers 1840-1980.

There does not seem to be an equivalent site for English or Welsh architects. There is some limited information at which serves as "an introduction to architecture with pages on Building Types, architectural styles and traditions and building materials and methods of construction, and an expanding guide and introduction to buildings in seven of England's cities. Research tools including glossary, links, an index of architects and their works and a guide to further reading on all aspects of English architecture."

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Linda Reid said...

The website of Irish architects has fairly broad coverage. I found an entry for "architectural sculptor" Charles Lloyd Harrison (ca 1857-1913). After his biography was a link to his 1911 census entry on the National Archives (Ireland) website. In that he is described as a "sculptor".