Friday, 6 February 2009

Civil registration, and beyond

Helping celebrate genealogy gripe week.

The most recent podcast from The National Archives is by Audrey Collins who takes a look at civil registration, and reveals some of the little-known facts and stories behind the records. You might not learn much to help in your research.

At least one myth gets debunked and you'll gain an appreciation for the people pushing the pen that wrote the indexes.

My gripe -- lack of visuals to go along with the audio.


M. Diane Rogers said...

Thanks for posting this, John. I agree - interesting talk by an enthusiast, or 'registration nerd' as she says, but there are references to her visuals and nothing to see. Which brings me to my gripe for today - these National Archives of the UK podcasts have lots of interesting info usually with references to documents, published materials, photos, etc. Why doesn't the National Archives of the UK show the links for these podcasts along with some explanation - like a handout really. This talk, for instance, really needs a more descriptive name at least - it's really more about the early history of civil registration in England, but not about "Civil Registration and Beyond". And, for some reason, I can't get the feed for this podcast entered in my reader page, but I googled and found that one blogger, Brian Tompkins, had the podcast on his 'Family' website. Much easier for many to use, just click:

Colin said...

Thanks for the heads up John and thank you to M.Diane Rogers for the link.