Sunday, 8 February 2009

Genealogy Gripe Week - Review

There were more comments posted to items this past week than ever before on the blog. Most items hit a sore spot with somebody, not just me!

The item about a petition to open the civil registration records got most hits. Some may have thought from the title that these records are being opened, not just petitioned to be opened. The petition remains open, now with over 2,500 signatures.

Apparently Ancestors magazine still doesn't want subscriptions. You can get a bit further in the subscription process than when I first tried, but it's no progress to enter all your information only to receive the message "Error! Click here to return to the homepage."

There was some good news about LAC service problems. An archivist is going through all the orders where issues have been found to try and identify the problems. She was only up to surnames beginning with L when I spoke to her on Friday. Nevertheless, every time I visit some other issue seems to surface. On Friday I found out that if you send an item for photocopying then the whole box has to go along with it. you can't have the file put in a different box keeping the remaining available to you. Perhaps there's a shortage of boxes. Of course, this wouldn't be an issue if LAC found a way to provide as standard the same reasonably rapid photocopy service provided elsewhere.

Comments identifying additional uses of the Internet for genealogy were added, now many more than mentioned in The Beaver column.

On the TNA podcast one comment agreed with the difficulty of following the talk without the visuals, and then went on with her own suggestion that I add a direct link to the audio on my blog. A suggestion isn't exactly a gripe -- but turnaround is fair!

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Apple said...

Will the LAC allow you to take digital photographs of documents? Then you could keep the box and not have to wait.