Wednesday, 4 February 2009

More on service problems at LAC

Helping celebrate genealogy gripe week

I finally managed to get to LAC on February 3 during full service hours, only to find the slip for the material I ordered on 20 January annotated "cannot find this reference, see archivist."

Nothing else was done with it. No effort to contact me by email or telephone, both of which LAC have on file.

Talking to others I learn this lack of communication is standard LAC practise. That's appalling for a service organization. How much effort would it take to pull up the client email address and send a prompt notification that there's a problem?

Added at 12:30 pm -- As promised yesterday while talking to the duty archivist, I received a call from LAC to say these boxes have arrived.

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JDR said...

This from a colleague:

Join the club! I have half a shoebox full of n.o.s. slips (not on shelf) with no communication about why or what to do. A euphemism for lost, stolen, out on ILL ( but sometimes not returned for months), sitting on a cart waiting to be restacked, mis-filed, catalogued but not yet (for many months) placed in stacks, out for repairs, etc.