Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Newspapers -- LAC digitization priority

LAC have posted a new section on their web site which "shares information on digital initiatives at LAC." There's a lot on information on strategy, and also insight on what the organization is working on digitizing.

The digitization plan for 2008-2009, presumably nearly complete, includes:

1. Mass Digitization Plan - 2008-2009

  • Department of Indian Affairs, School Files Series (1879-1953)
  • Yousuf Karsh photos
  • Office of the Governor General of Canada, Despatches received and sent, British North America (Parts 1 and 2) (1784-1923)
  • Sir John Sparrow David Thompson fonds
  • Sir Charles Tupper fonds
  • Canadian History books, FC classification (1900-1925)
  • Department of External Affairs' Special Task Force, Front de libération du Québec - October Crisis
  • Privy Council Office, Cabinet Conclusions (1976)
  • Hansard (1901-1993)
  • Hallen Family fonds

2. Finding Aid Conversion Plan - 2008-2009

  • Canadian National Railways, Maps, plans and drawings for railway stations and buildings in Ontario and Québec (1853-1972)
  • Registrar General Index (1651-1841)
  • William Lyon Mackenzie King fonds, Correspondence (J1) (1889-1921)
  • Department of National Defense, Canadian Military Headquarters and Army Historical Section, Historical reports (1940-1964)
  • Proclamations issued by the Governor, Québec, Lower Canada and Canada East (1766-1860)
  • Department of Public Works, Registers to contracts, deeds and leases (1879-1964)
  • Privy Council Office, Registers of despatches (1867-1911)
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Photographs (1875-1995)
  • Québec Gazette, Index
  • Sir John Thompson fonds
  • Public Archives of Canada, London Office index

For the longer term the LAC digitization strategy 2009-2014 states that the focus will be on the following broad content areas:

  • finding aids,
  • newspapers,
  • audio-visual materials on obsolete supports,
  • government publications,
  • Canadian books in the public domain, and
  • government records and private archives which support LAC services and programs.

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