Thursday, 23 April 2009

10th New England Regional Genealogical Conference - Thursday

This regional genealogy meeting got fully underway on Thursday afternoon. As a meeting in New England can conveniently draw on a population larger than that of Canada it's no surprise that more than 700 people registered. A full registration of $135 US for two and a half days makes the conference a bargain.

On Thursday afternoon there were three slots with a choice of six presentations in each slot. I chose three informative and entertaining looking presentations and wasn't dissappointed.

First I listened to Utah genealogist Barry Ewell on "How to Research and Write Personal Histories That the Family Will Want to Read." The presentation was from the heart, he spoke about researching his mother's life, with numerous hints on interviewing family and friends. His best tip was to use what he called Reversals, asking an open question, then following up twice with Oh!, "Ah!, Tell me More, Which Means, Meaning! -- designed to seek further elaboration on the subject.

Second I attended a talk by Sandra MacLean Clunies, a Certified Genealogist from Washington D.C. and former winner of a genealogy writing contest. She spoke on "Writing Family History - adding texture to text." Again the talk was full of anecdotes from her own family history.

Finally, prior to the opening of the exhibit hall, I listened to Colleen Fitzpatrick on "You Will Never Look at Your Old Photos the Same Way." The information she and her colleagues can squeeze out of a photograph is amazing, and the presentation is simply fun. You had to be there. Attendees at the BIFHSGO conference in September will have the chance to hear Colleen who will be giving several presentations.

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