Monday, 3 May 2010

Family Tree DNA launches Family Finder DNA testing

After a gradual rollout to existing customers Family Tree DNA announced on May 3 that their autosomal DNA test, marketed as Family Finder, is openly available.

The test price is $289 US.

The Family Finder test uses "automated GeneTitan Instrument and Axiom Array Plates" technology from Affymetrix,

According to the press release the test is capable of assessing nearly 570,000 genetic markers, including many that "are relevant to genealogy" and the equipment can process more than 760 samples per week. If they can process orders at that rate their database will grow rapidly. Will they announce and update the size of this database as they do for their other major tests?

Interesting data has been posted by a Canadian who took autosomal tests from both FTDNA and 23andMe

He found FTDNA's Family Finder reported 547,956 SNPs on the 22 autosomes, while 23andMe's Relative Finder reported 561,791 SNPs. The data from the two companies merged totalled 911,515 SNPs

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