Monday, 3 May 2010

Jenkins on Heney

I open the Ottawa Citizen on Mondays in anticipation of Phil Jenkins reflections on the local scene from his arts and heritage perspective. Today half his column is devoted to the new book John Heney & Son: The Canadian Saga of an Ottawa Irish Family.

As someone with an interest in DNA and family history I was particularly taken when Jenkins' wrote "I suspect that somewhere in our memories we carry a summation, a DNA scrapbook, of the biographies of our ancestors and John, as someone in a family usually does, has felt them stir, and in chasing them down has given us a well-etched cameo of Ottawa in words and wonderful photographs, particularly of the early days of Bytown."

Like Jenkins I attended the launch of John Heney's book, John being the great-great grandson for the man for whom the book is titled, and also a BIFHSGO member. I scanned the first chapter of my autographed copy and reserved the rest for summer reading.

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