Thursday, 6 May 2010

Popular surnames in blog reader communities

Surname distribution is always an interesting thing to browse, and at has a good presentation.

Dick Eastman discussed facts about his name from the utility, and also mentions Area Search that displays the most common surnames and forenames for any geographic area in its database.

Two thirds of the visitors to this blog are from Ontario so to the left are the top surnames in the province. I was surprised to see the overwhelming predominance of European names. For Ottawa the surnames are a bit more cosmopolitean: ADAMS, NGUYEN, HILL, TESSIER, ABDI, ADAM, O'BRIEN, PHILLIPS, YOUNG, AARON. For Toronto the mix is quite distinct: AARON ,BAXTER, IBRAHIM, IQBAL, OMAR, XIE, DWYER, EPSTEIN, ACOSTA, UDDIN.

The second most common province for visitors to this blog is British Columbia, a long way back of Ontario. The surnames are shown to the left. The Vietnamese name NGYUEN is prominent as in Ottawa. In Courtenay, which I'm looking forward to visiting in September and has more visitors to the blog than anywhere else in BC, the most common surnames are: CASCANETTE, CUNNINGHAM, PAECH, ANNAND, APPS, BRYCE, BRYDEN, BURTT, BUSSE, CASCANETTE. Folks from Vancouver, where I also plan on visiting, won't be surprised that its profile looks more Asian.

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