Wednesday, 28 July 2010

History House (Essex)

If you have ancestry in the English county of Essex you will find interesting material in the History House website

Look to it for an alphabetical list of Essex towns and villages and their histories which includes transcriptions of directories;

A blog called History News.

An extensive list of feature articles, many with specific Essex content, including:

Family History Forums - your Essex ancestors.
How to break down that brick wall which is stopping you from researching your Essex family history.

Parish Registers at the Essex Record Office.
Digital images of some Parish Registers are now available on online at the Essex Record Office.

The Condition of Essex.
A glimpse into the life and times of the straw plaiters, spinners, oyster fishermen and labouring men of Victorian Essex.

The Brightlingsea Tiles.
All Saints Church, Brightlingsea, contains unique memorials to parishioners who have lost their lives at sea - 213 memorial tiles, to be exact.

Essex History Trivia
The history of Essex contains some interesting and surprising facts, here are some examples.

The Bankrupt Directory
Essex bankrupts from December 1820 to April 1843.

The Jurist
Essex bankrupts covering most of the years 1843 to 1862.

Captain Oates
From the Essex countryside to the icy wastes of Antarctica.

The Scotch Colony
Scottish farmers who by hard work and ruthless economy brought a new look to the Essex countryside.

Tinker? Tailor? Soldier? Sailor? Who lived in your house?
Researching the history of your house.

Chelmsford Prison (Springfield)
A description of Chelmsford Prison in 1842 and 1848.

Essex on the map
Using maps to discover the history of Essex and its people.

Martello Towers of the Essex shore
From defending the Essex coast to a Digital Art centre.

The perils of ballooning
Story of Joseph Simmons, a Victorian pioneering balloonist who challenged danger but ultimately crashed and died at Ulting near Maldon.

The earthquake of 1884
How Essex was hit by the strongest earthquake in England's history.

Arson in the Essex parishes
A look at a time when the farmers of Ardleigh and nearby parishes were faced with spate of arson attacks on their property.

The life and confessions of a burglar
Enter the Essex underworld: an account of an Victorian burglar and robber.

Body snatching
A gruesome story of body snatching at Little Leighs.

Dreadful railway accident at Brentwood
Fog descends on Brentwood causing a tragic accident in which nine railway workers die.

Toot Hill windmill struck by lightning
A miller’s brush with death.

Two Zeppelins on bombing missions brought down in Essex villages
How inhabitants of two sleepy villages were suddenly thrust into the front line of the First World War when Zeppelins crashed in their fields.

Agriculture of the County of Essex - 1794
Contemporary report on the state of agriculture in Essex.

Congratulations to Phil George (Keldon) who runs the site.

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