Sunday, 25 July 2010

Perth, Scotland, on Ancestry

There are two databases newly available on Ancestry.

Perth, Scotland, Register of Deeds, 1566-1811 contains registers of bonds, acts, obligations, and other documents stemming from legal transactions in the Royal Burgh of Perth (Scotland) that go back more than four centuries. Transactions were often documented in case disputes arose later, and these records include items such as bonds, sales contracts, receipts, charter, protests, and dispositions. There are 22,365 records.

Perth, Scotland, Survey of Inhabitants, 1766, 1773 contains two 18th-century surveys taken in the burgh of Perth, Scotland, most likely for tax purposes. The 1766 survey provides names for heads of families only, but also lists occupation and includes data on age and gender of children, servants, lodgers, and religious affiliation. It contains 8,894 records.

Not so new, but with 184,618 records, is Perth, Scotland Newspaper Index Cards, 1809-1990 database containing a collection of index cards referencing articles and announcements found in several Perth area newspapers. The coverage is from 1809-1990 with a gap from 1890-1920. Most of the cards reference births, deaths, retrials, golden and diamond wedding anniversaries, personal achievements, or personal tragedies.

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