Friday, 23 June 2006

Bytown Museum

Here's a tip for a gentle outing in the heart of Ottawa this summer . Park at the Mill Restaurant at the west side of the Portage Bridge, watch for the 2 hour parking limit, and stroll below Parliament Hill along the edge of the Ottawa River. The path is reopened, having been closed much of last year. Even on the hottest day, perhaps even especially on the hottest days, there is a cooling breeze from the river. The path climbs as you get to the Rideau Locks, but you can look forward to refreshments thanks to the new cafe at the Bytown Museum. There are colourful umbrellas to provide shade at three tables where you can linger, or buy an ice cream and eat it as you return along the same path -- the impression is different going in the other direction -- or climb to Wellington and go westward pass the Parliamentary Precinct, the Supreme Court and Library and Archives Canada. More on what's happening at the Bytown Museum here.

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