Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Librarians Helping Canadian Genealogists ...

I'm adding a new permanent link to this site. Its for a blog I visited when it first appeared; they even posted one of my suggestions in the early days. Then nothing much happenned with it for a while and I kind of forgot about it. Probably losing all my bookmarks in a crash had something to do with it too. I wonder what the other useful links were that I lost?

Librarians Helping Canadian Genealogists Climb Family Trees is the blog's name. It was recommended by Marion Press in a presentation at the recent Ontario Genealogical Society Seminar in Oshawa, and one of the contributing editors was another speaker at that event -- Ryan Taylor. Updating is a bit variable but if you check it once a week you'll likely find something new in the way of Canadian genealogy news and information.

Find it at: http://canadianlibgenie.blogspot.com/

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