Friday, 22 June 2007

New LAC homepage

After a week of announcing it's coming it's here, the new Library and Archives Canada homepage. The new is bolder than the old - I like that. Here they are together.

Unfortunately there's a significant blunder. On the right hand side text in the black boxes beside the pictures is the same colour as the background. I've highlighted the Canadian Genealogy Centre text to show it's there. Come on guys, you can do better than that!

LAC inform me that the text should come up black, and the boxes light grey.

Kudos to the web folks at LAC who have now fixed the problem.

Randy Seaver posted a comment asking for the address for Library and Archives Canada. It's

1 comment:

Randy Seaver said...


Could you provide a link to the LAC home page for we who do not frequent the site and know it by heart (or have it in our Favorites)?

Your "catch" of the blunder is a classic - you would think that they would have tested it on all browsers and resolutions.

Thanks -- Randy