Wednesday, 13 June 2007

The LAC Genealogy Strategy - calm before the storm?

Library and Archives Canada pointed me to a posting on their web site, a copy of their new 20 page Genealogy Strategy, and asked my opinion.

It has three sections: The Context; The Strategic Approach; and Management and Organizational Considerations. Unless you're a policy wonk avoid reading it when you're the slightest bit tired.

LAC sees genealogy as a way to make people aware of its broader holdings. With every bit of information specific to your genealogy interest they aim to provide contextual material to help you see your query in a larger context. "Would you like an order of war art with your attestation paper?" They also see it as their role to foster partnerships and grow the size of the genealogical sector.

My comment, when asked last week, was let's see the actions that follow. Like us all, the folks at LAC can't always deliver 100% on the best of intentions as other higher priorities emerge. They expect to see early results from their incipient genealogical focus this year.

Is the agreement with announced in early June it? I hope and suspect there's more to come soon. There's been little other news coming out of LAC of late, and although people are remaining tight lipped something is afoot. There could be an announcement in the next few weeks, perhaps more on partnership. I wouldn't be surprised to hear of a digitization or other major initiative.

The timing on the announcement is changed; now expected in the fall.

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