Wednesday, 25 July 2007

25 genealogy web sites we can't live without

It must be the season, there seems to a spate of best web site lists. has a list of the 50 best web sites, and 25 web sites we can't live without. I found the second list interesting:;;;;;;;;;;;;; The Internet Movie Database;;;;;;;;;;;

More than half I'd never visited. Having now checked them out I don't feel my life was previously notably impoverished.

Family Tree Magazine (the US one) has just put out its list of 101 Best Web Sites. Again, many are US-oriented, although there is an international section.

Not wanting to swim against the current, here is my genealogy-oriented list of 25 web sites I can't live without, reflecting my own Anglo-Celtic Canadian bias.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; + your local library; + your local family history society


Randy Seaver posted his corresponding list of 25 US-oriented web sites here.

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Miriam said...

Thank you for this great list! I will highlight it for my Online Genealogy students.