17 July 2007


Having written about Rootsweb statistics yesterday I though to go back and look at the more recent genealogy initiative of its founders, Karen Isaacson and Brian Leverich. Linkpendium is styled "the definitive directory" and contains 5,869,376 genealogy links; also 8,346 outdoor activity links.

The genealogy section is in two parts. Localities: USA is a state-by-state directory with 678,746 links.

Surnames: Worldwide, with 5,190,630 links, is what interests me. It's an alphabetical directory where you can drill down to a specific name, well worth exploring, especially for the less common names in your family tree. Here's an example of the link page for surname Northwood. Try it out here. It will save you hunts at or for other free sites. Worth the detour.

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