Sunday, 30 December 2007

Top baby names in Northern Ireland and Scotland

The General Register Offices of Scotland (here) and Northern Ireland (here) have published their provisional lists of most popular names for newborns in 2007. Comparing with the list I recently blogged for England and Wales, these parts of the UK are more similar and distinct from England and Wales when it comes to name. I wonder how much sub-regional variation there is within the UK.

N Ireland: Jack, James, Matthew, Daniel, Ryan
Scotland: Lewis, Jack, Ryan, James, Callum
England and Wales: Jack, Thomas, Joshua, Oliver, Harry

N Ireland: Katie, Grace, Sophie, Lucy, Emma
Scotland: Sophie, Grace, Lucy, Katie, Erin
England and Wales: Grace, Ruby, Olivia, Emily, Jessica

For the Republic of Ireland no list for 2007 is available as yet. For 2006 the list shows the top five baby names were:

Boys: Sean, Jack, Conor, Adam, James
Girls: Sarah, Emma, Katie, Aoife, Sophie

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