14 December 2007

LAC Public Consultation

On Wednesday, not quite two weeks after the meeting, LAC posted a brief "Notice Regarding Library and Archives Canada (LAC) Services Advisory Board (SAB)" on their web site. Apparently a more complete record of decision is coming. As agreed at the meeting, all the meeting documents should be posted too.

One of the commitments repeated is to a "general public consultations, held on a regular and ongoing basis, concerning LAC's client services, with the first meeting planned for January 2008."

As of Wednesday there was no notice posted at 395 Wellington, nor on the web site, with meeting details. Could LAC do with some encouragement? The contact for follow-up to the notice above is Pauline Portelance, Senior Media Relations Officer, Library and Archives Canada
819-994-4589 or 613-293-4298. pauline.portelance@lac-bac.gc.ca

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