Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Staff changes at LAC

Late last week in an entirely unanticipated move Michelle Doucet, Director General, Services Branch at Library and Archives Canada, announced her departure to a new deployment effective at the end of the week.

DGs don't get a lot of profile with clients, but as one who serves on the Services Advisory Board of LAC, saw and appreciated Michelle's open style at the Board's meetings, I will miss her contributions. I'm sure she will miss LAC, not the least for her office which had a magnificent view over the Ottawa River.

This move leaves several people in acting positions in the chain of command. The Canadian Genealogy Centre, for example, has an acting Chief, reporting to an acting director, reporting to the vacant DG position. I expect operational matters will continue to run more or less as usual, but lacking the effective continuing leadership at these levels needed to implement change.

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