Tuesday, 22 April 2008

14,028,877 Canadian names

If you think Séguin, Tremblay, and Potvin when you think Quebec you're not wrong, but neither are you seeing the full picture. Plenty of Irish, English and Scots; O'Briens, Wrights and Macdonalds settled in the Province too, and many are to be found in a newly indexed Ancestry.ca collection Quebec Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1621-1967.

The 14,028,877 number comes from the Complete Ancestry Title Listings. It's on the first page listed by decreasing number of names in the title. This is the 35th largest database in the whole Ancestry collection, and second largest Canadian title after Canadian Phone and Address Directories, 1995-2002

I'm unsure how to reconcile the 14+ million number with the note above the search form for the collection "Please note: 29 million names are now searchable via the new index. Searching may produce records that have not yet been indexed. Please continue to enjoy access to all historical images. With cooperation from University of Montreal, the remaining 8 million names will be available later this year."

However many names are actually available and indexed, this is a large enough database that you won't want to miss out trying it with some of the names in your genealogy. Even if you have no known Quebec connection its worth trying to see if any co-lateral lines, or family strays, happen to turn up. You'll need a subscription or to go to a public library or other institution that has an Ancestry Library subscription.

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