Sunday, 13 April 2008

Vision of Britain

If you're seeking basic information about locations in your British family history this may be the website you need.

A Vision of Britain Through Time presents the history of Great Britain,
graphically and cartographically, through places.

Searching is as easy as entering a place name in the search box, or clicking on a region on the map, which will lead to a well ordered information collection.

Find census derived information, historical mapping including information about boundary changes, and transcriptions of travellers tales.

You will soon find yourself lost in names for administrative regions that change over time. Lost in a Cantref, Rape, Lathe, Franchise, Wapentake, Lordship, Cinque Port, Commote, Liberty, Borough, Hundred, Soke, Barony, County of Itself or Palatine Seat? This site will help you find your way out of the maze ... here.

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