Sunday, 1 February 2009

Genealogy Gripe Week

Most people in Ottawa are getting pretty fed up. January saw no thaw this year. There were several dumps of snow. No public transit made things difficult for everyone, and virtually impossible for some. Even with the strike settled it will takes weeks for bus service to return to normal.

Having a full load of gripes, what better time to vent!


With the authority invested in me, by the powers that be, I declare this

Genealogy Gripe Week


Arnie Schwartz said...

My first Genealogy Gripe is: why should it cost $45 to receive a copy of the 1940-1946 Canadian national registration, from the Census Pension Searches Unit, for a deceased family member and it is free if the family member is still alive!

My second Genealogy Gripe is: why hasn't the Library and Archives of Canada (LAC) created a free database for the 1919 to 1924 Form 30A? I realize that will be offering this database to their subscribers sometime during the summer of 2009.

My third Genealogy Gripe is why did the Citizenship and Immigration Canada destroy their copies of naturalization and citizenship records for the years 1854 to 1917? If sure would have made life easier for us genealogists if they had not done this!

My fourth and final Genealogy Gripe is: why should a non Canadian resident have to pay $5 for a copy of a Record of Landing, available from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and it is free to a Canadian resident?

M. Diane Rogers said...

What a good idea, John - we might as well get these things out in the open now while the year is still young.

My main Canadian genealogy gripe is a bit old & tattered now but still flying bravely - why hasn't the agreement(s) between Library and Archives Canada and The Generations Network (TGN - aka been made public. We have some information now, but not enough. And, on the other hand, why is Library and Archives not co-operating with Canadian volunteers, for instance, Automated Genealogy, in making Canadian census images and indexes freely available on the web.

And, while we are at this - what about seeing the agreement(s) between LAC and Ireland too.