30 January 2009

OGS 2009 Conference

The program for the 2009 OGS conference is now posted - with a mixture of familiar and new faces. It's a pleasant diversion to contemplate warm days in Oakville at the end of May after after having shovelled another heaping helping of snow from my walkway.


Several speakers, and some of their talks, are familiar including Ottawa residents Alison Hare and Patti McGregor, and recent speakers at Ottawa events Marion Press, Dave Obee, Gary Schroder, Richard Doherty, Louise St Denis, Brian Gilchrist and Janice Nickerson.

On the list of familiar favourites, people who return to OGS year after year, a recommendation in itself, are Fawne Stratford-Devai, Kathie Orr, Sharon Murphy, Ruth Burkholder, and Jane MacNamara.

Others on the speaker list I don't know are: Marg Aldridge, Sherilyn Bell, Ruth Blair, Elizabeth Briggs, Bob Fizzell, Shirley Hodges, Kory L. Meyerink, Tammy Tipler-Priolo.

Kory L Meyerink, well known in the US and a popular speaker, will give the Friday evening J. Richard Houston Memorial Lecture. The topic isn't given, but it seems likely it will form part of the celebration to mark the 300th Anniversary of Palatines which is another theme for the conference.

Basic early bird registration, applicable before 31 March for OGS members, is $110 which gives you talks in eight one-hour time-slots, mostly with a choice of five talks in a time-slot. That's $13.75 per time-slot. You pay not just the cost for the talk you attend but also to get the choice from amongst five talks, giving a reasonable assurance of at least one that interests you.

Find more information here.

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