22 January 2009

Salute the marathon genealogist

I set foot inside LAC on Tuesday after a long absence, and even had to renew my user card which had expired more than a month ago. While on the third floor ordering some files I spied Don McKenzie, one of a special breed of genealogist who tackles records transcriptions. There's his 10 volume, 4258 page, Notices From Methodist Newspapers 1830-1890. Last time I spoke to him, which I didn't get to do the other day, he was working on transcribing Scottish immigrants on ships passenger lists.

Another person tacking a marathon transcription came to my attention as she registered as a follower on this blog. Old Census Scribe writes a new blog Toronto 1861, which she describes as "A progress history of transcribing a big Canadian city census from 1861, including my method and organization, and the social and geographical details of the area at that time."

Old Census Scribe describes herself as a retired bookkeeper, born and brought up in Toronto, who moved to England, raised a family, and now lives in Buckinghamshire. It's interesting to see an expat Canadian contributing to Canadian genealogy, and proving that these days you don't have to live in the area to make a contribution to its genealogical resources.

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