11 January 2009

Your Family Tree, volume 73

I picked up a copy of the February 2009 issue at W H Smith. It's a magazine to which I once subscribed, sold with the cover title "Your Family History" in Canada.

It was surprising to find the cover CD plastered with the words FIND YOUR FAMILY'S COAT OF ARMS. The CD contains a digitized copy of the 1902 directory Armorial Families produced by S&N Genealogy. You'd think that a specialist magazine wouldn't be continuing the fiction that there is any such thing as a family coat of arms.

The best article was on nonconformist records, many newly online, authored by Paul Blake.

Am article on "Finding Parish Records Online" gives the tip that "the most underused and potentially most exciting free source of printed parish register transcriptions is the Internet Archive (www.archive.org), and its companion Open Library (www.openlibrary.org). The latter site had the following announcement of interest that it would be nice to see the Ottawa Piblic Library, and others, emulating.

Introducing Scan-On-Demand!

In partnership with the Internet Archive and OpenLibrary.org, the Boston Public Library is excited to announce a new program to allow users and patrons to "Scan-on-Demand". It's easy and free! Books are delivered to you, electronically, in 5-7 days

The issue contains a lot of hype about "Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE" the show being held from 27 Feb to 1 March at National Hall, Olympia in London.

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