26 January 2009

A curious LAC addition

Last week this banner appeared on the LAC front page. Normally these indicate a new event, resource, or some change in service.

This is different, and curious. It leads to a simple help file. It informs that social tagging (also known as "folksonomic tagging" or "social bookmarking") is a Web-based collaborative tool that enables visitors to:

  • save favourite websites in a centralized and personalized online space;
  • use their own terminology to catalogue and classify websites;
  • discover and share relevant Web content with fellow social taggers.
However, despite the wording in the title there's nothing about specific use at LAC! What is it about this non-LAC facility at this time that makes it worthy of the front page? Perhaps some new intiative in the works? Please enlighten us LAC?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello John,

The social tagging links/icons are available at the bottom of most pages on the LAC website. They can be used by the subscribers of these services. My apologies, I should have made the message on the LAC site clearer.

Marc from LAC