09 January 2009

URGENT - Aboriginal Records Request

The following is posted at the request of Janice Nickerson. Please contact her at the coordinates given if you can help.

I need help gathering illustrative examples for a soon-to-be published guide
to Aboriginal genealogical research in Central and Eastern Canada. I will
pay $25 per document to anyone who can send me a copy of a Civil
Registration, Will or Estate Record, Newspaper item, School Record, Land and
Property record, Notarial record from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI,
Newfoundland and Labrador, in which an Aboriginal person is featured,
preferably explicitly identified as such. I also need non-church documents
from Quebec, and Newspaper items, School Records, or Land and Property
records for Ontario. I only need one of each type of document for each
province. The deadline is January 25th. Please contact me directly for
details: Janice Nickerson, janice@uppercanadagenealogy.com, 416 920-2206.

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