Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The Gentleman's Magazine Library

In the new items listing for Ancestry last week was The Gentleman's Magazine Library, 1731-1868.

The database is described as containing “a classified collection of the chief contents of the Gentleman’s Magazine from 1731 to 1868.” Excerpts from the original publications containing local history and information, topographical details, and family history are presented here, organized into volumes by county. Information is provided on the counties generally, but also includes information on townships.

In addition, there are three volumes that cover specific historical and cultural topics: (1) Dialetcs, Proverbs, and Word-lore, (2) Popular Superstitions, and (3) Manners and Customs."

It isn't the full text of the magazine but described as The Gentleman's Magazine Library 1731-1868. Cambridge: The Riverside Press, 1891 with George Laurence Gomme, a well known British folklorist and historian, as editor.

Even if you don't have an Ancestry subscription you can get access to many issues of The Gentleman's Magazine, 504 in fact, found by a search in The Internet Archive (texts). Unfortunately you can't tell immediately the issue, or even the year for each hit, but you do get the full issue.

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