Sunday, 14 June 2009

Two London boroughs added to Ancestry Poor Law records

Ancestry have posted a notice that updated records from the London Metropolitan Archives are now available. It doesn't specify what's been added. The boroughs of Haringey and Greenwich now appear. There may be additional records for boroughs previously available.

The records for Haringey are of particular interest to me as they comprise Creed Registers for the Edmonton Board of Guardians in three sections, 1906-1908, 1908-1910, 1910-1913. Each register is roughly 400 pages with entries across a double page.

Ancestry provides images of the register, no indexing has been done. There are separate sections by first letter of the surname. Its a matter of trial to find the section you want. Within each section the names are not sorted alphabetically. You need to search through the entire section.

A fair bit of information is provided: date of entry, sequence number, name, age, when born, class, occupation (if any), religious creed, name of informant, address from which admitted, by whose order admitted, name and address of relative or friend, number of children at schools, whether settlement case, name of relatives contributing to maintenance with amounts paid by each, and several date of admission, date of discharge columns.

I was rewarded for my search by finding a grand-uncle recorded as entering and discharged to a hospital on the same day.

For Greenwich the records added are for Woolwich: Admission and Discharge Registers; Register of Children; and Religious Creed Registers.

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