Saturday, 20 June 2009

More US newspapers online at Chronicling America

Dick Eastman's blog carries news of a massive extension of the newspapers available through the Library of Congress Chronicling America project. It was ironic as I read the item having just arrived home from the Library and Archives Canada Services Advisory Board meeting where one of the main topics raised by members was LAC's chronic neglect of Canadian newspapers.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, John

In reading your comments about LAC, I'm sometimes not sure whether your main criticism is of an underfunding of LAC or of the decisions which LAC staff make with respect to such funding as they have. As an informed and thoughtful student of LAC's operations, you'll undoubtedly have intriguing ideas about how to redistribute their funds and staff resources; can you be explicit about what you propose, including what aspects of their operations, if any, you would close or fund less?

Many thanks for your interesting blog.