Tuesday, 16 June 2009

TV genealogy

Plans are announced for a new series of six 60 minute episodes of the UK version of Who Do You Think You Are? to run this summer.

Meantime there is no indication the CBC is considering renewing the Canadian series, and NBC has yet to announce a date for showing the US version.

History Television Canada, which is profitable but has its own problems as a component of the financially troubled Canwest Global empire, has yet to announce whether it will renew Ancestors in the Attic.

Meanwhile if you're starving for family history on TV try Roots Television. There's more than talking head interviews. Check out especially the series of Canadian videos by Alannah Ryane.

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Anonymous said...

On "Ancestors in the Attic" you should check with Glenn Wright -- here is his ancestry blurb -- Speaker: Glenn Wright, Canadian Genealogist
Glenn Wright joined the Public Archives of Canada as a government records archivist in the early 1970s. Has worked as a research officer at Directorate of History, Department National Defence. He also spent time at the Historical Branch of the RCMP. Glenn returned to the National Archives, survived its transformation to Library and Archives Canada, and retired from government service in 2006. Glenn was featured on the “Don Cherry” episode of the CBC series “Who Do You Think You Are?” in January 2009. He accepted the position of Staff Genealogist for the popular TV series, “Ancestors in the Attic”.