Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Family Tree DNA does catchup

For nearly 10 years Family Tree DNA has been the leader in DNA for genealogy. They have the most clients which is key if you're trying to establish links with others -- say in finding a link between families with the same surname using Y-DNA.

However, in the past two years FTDNA saw their leadership position being eroded as companies like 23andMe marketed tests using autosomal DNA. Many in the field have been wondering why FTDNA have not moved into the area.

Now they're moving.

Under the title "Family Finder" Starting mid-March FTDNA will offer tests of blocks of DNA across the 22 autosomal chromosomes finding matches between people other than the direct paternal and maternal lines. They are marketing the test as having the capability of "finding five generations of family."

A post on the Rootsweb Genealogy-DNA newsgroup indicates they will test "well over 500,000 HapMap SNPs," and the price is $249." If true that is about equivalent to the test offered by 23andMe, but at a significantly reduced price.

I expect to be writing on developments as they occur.

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