12 September 2006

Genealogy Lectures Online

Earlier in the month the US Federation of Genealogical Societies held its annual conference in Boston. Most of the lectures were recorded and many are available as mp3 downloads for $1.99 US each here. There are quite a few lectures of Anglo-Celtic interest --- British, Irish and Canadian topics. Those involved as a director of a genealogical society, or thinking of becoming involved, may want to check out some of the lectures on different aspects of running a society.

The only thing lacking is that the graphical material that usually accompanies a live presentation is not available. On a skypecast last evening Drew Smith, a board member of FGS and co-host of the Genealogy Guys Podcast, explained that speakers fear they will lose speaking opportunities if they let their complete presentation go for $1.99. I can see the concern, but speakers might also consider that making one presentation available online, perhaps for a limited time, would be a great promotion tool. David Attenborough, Tim Berners-Lee, Bill Bryson, Jared Diamond and others seem to have no such concern in making their Royal Society (London) lectures available here.