22 January 2007

Genealogists Support British Census Petition Online

The number of genealogists and others signing an online petition to reduce the classified (closed) period for British census data from 100 years to 70 years is mounting rapidly. As of this morning, Monday 22 January, there are more than 9,000 signatures. On Friday when I signed there were 5,000.

The petition calls for census information from 1911, 1921 and 1931 to be available for use by the general public researching their family history. Census data from the US 1930 census is available and there has been no sign of a problem.

If you are British, perhaps an expat like me, consider signing the online petition to the British Prime Minister . The deadline to sign up is 8 March 2007. See how many signatures there are now, and sign if you can, here.